Spring is here, and I'm ready to roll back into unicycling

So after an atrocious winter, I believe it’s finally time to pick up the good ol’ unicycle again now that the weather is fair. However, I’ve been having some trouble doing things like back rolls, and leg wraps.

For back rolls, my problem seems to be that I am unable to get back into a seated position after the second kick on the tire. I place my left hand where the handle meets the saddle, and my right hand on the rear end of it.

I plant my left foot on the crank, and use my right foot for kicking the tire back, and I can consistently get the first half rotation of the tire down without a problem, but the second half of the rotation seems to be troublesome.

It seems when I jump after the second kick either my left foot lands back on the crank in it’s original position, but I’m unable to get my right foot on (Either due to not taking my hand off the rear of the saddle, or simply not being able to turn my body in the right direction). Or the opposite, where my right foot lands on the right crank, but my left foot doesn’t make it back to the crank.

Is there anything specifically I’m doing wrong, or will these things just work themselves out with time and practice?

And now for my issue with doing leg wraps. Note: I can do leg wrap mounts just fine.

It’s consists mostly with an issue of being unable to transition from riding --> SIF --> hopping --> placing my feet correctly on the cranks --> the wrap itself.

My standstills are fairly weak, so I’m sort of thinking the best solution would be to just work on those so I can maintain balance through each transition.

Also, what is the best way to get from having your feet on the pedals to having them on the cranks? It just doesn’t seem to happen in a smooth fashion for me.

I apologize for any grammatical mistakes that may be apparent throughout my post, as I’m quite exhausted at the time of writing this out. And thank you to anyone who feels like taking the time to answer my numerous questions.