Spring in the Rockies ?

Spring is trying to show its face here in the Rockies. We’ve had some really nice days and then some snowy cold days. I was lucky and had my coker with me the other day when the weather cleared. My son’s last lacrosse game had ended, so I got into my riding gear and headed up to the higher terrain. The valley floor is greening up rather nicely, but as I climbed into the higher terrain, the fresh green look disappeared as the snowline got closer. A nice 20 mile out and back ride on a secondary road led me to some outstanding views of the alpine where the snow is still quite deep. The weather was your typical spring weather, one minute sunny and warm, the next snowing and cold. As I headed back down to the valley, the sun came out in earnest and the lighting was incredible. Long shadows, little to no traffic, vibrant colors and warm sun made the last few miles of spinnin very enjoyable. Unicyling season is getting closer, looking forward to some great adventures:) Cheers

What length cranks do you ride?

Most of the riding I do is climbing, so I use cranks that range in length from 170-180’s.

These are the ones I’m using. 125mm, 150mm, 175mm.

Cheers for another cool ride report.

You are definitely the most colour-coordinated unicyclist I’ve ever seen, everything down to the cranks and sunglass lenses are covered:D

Thanks, thats why they pay me the big bucks to ride! :thinking: Those rose colored lenses were perfect for that ride.

I read about those in a earlier post, they look clean.

Here is Mt. Sopris, a awesome mountain that shoots 7000’ above the valley floor.


Awesome pics, as usual!


Are those stock cranks or self drilled?

If stock, what’s the model?

edit: nevermind - I found the associated thread. How do you like the custom drilled cranks?


i love living in colorado.

the best ride i have ever been on was from Grand Lake up over the continental divide and then down the other side ending in estes park.
it was a 4 day ride.

i love colorado.

That’s the incredible road through Rocky Mtn. National Park! It is a epic ride.
I rode it on the 36er in 6 hours, but it took me 4 days to recover.

dang, that is crazy fast…

we just took it really slow and had a ton of fun camping and stuff

but now i want to try and see how fast i can ride it this summer.

Riding anywhere in the American southwest is beautiful but you’ve definitely got the very best of it in Colorado:D

I wish I possessed your ability to climb steep grades.

(Mantra: keep practicing, keep practicing, keep practicing…)