Spring Cleaning Sale

Lots of things laying around that could use a new home. Prices do not include shipping.

Used Unicycles - Good riding Condition:
26" Miyata Deluxe - $100
28" MaxDaddy - $100
20" MaxDaddy - $250
19" MaxDaddy/Profile Wheel - $250
2-Wheel/Giraffe - $200

Used Wheels:
700c Cruiser wheel - $25
Light trials wheel - $50
26" Muni/cruiser Wheel - $100 (includes mounted cruiser tire and kenda 2.6 pictured)

26x2.4 Kenda Telonix -New- $25
26x2.5 Maxxis Hookworm -New- $25
26X2.5 Maxxis Hookworm -Used once- $24
20x1.95 Maxxis Hookworm (x 2) -New- $15 each, 25 for both
24x3.0 Dyno Fireball -Lightly Used- $10

Other Wheel parts:
Suzue 36 and 48 Hubs (a bunch)-New- $25 each
24" Alex DX-32 Rim (x 2) -New- $30 Each
20" Alex Supra E-Lite 48 hole -New- $25
20" Alex Supra Feather 48 hole -New- $25
Profile Hub w/170mm Cranks, -Used- $150


Which wheel is that in the last picture with rim and hub etc… what size it that wheel as well. Also I’m interested in the two wheeler giraffe, do you have a pic of the light trials wheel? and what would be your best price on muni wheel with the giraffe 2 wheeler and the light trials wheel. Thanks

that second orange uni…is that the max daddy? it looks pretty cool is it isis?

The Muni/light wheel is the last one pictured; a suzue hub, 26" tryall rim (gold), black spokes, and quax-light 114mm cranks.

The light trials wheel is pictured next to the 700c wheel, and is a suzue hub, 19" Alex dx-32 rim, and an Echo SupaTrial tire.

If you’re in Iowa, you’re best bet is to stop by Mondo (mondofest.org) this weekend. You’ll not pay shipping (expensive on giraffes), and have the benefit of hanging around with lots of cool riders. Otherwise, PM for price negotiations.

Yes, it’s the orange one. It’s a suzue hub, Stingray 20x4" tire, odyssey hazard-lite rim, 114mm aluminium cranks. It’ll take a bit of abuse, but not long term thrashing.

28" Unicycle

Can you provice further info on the 28" unicycle?

:confused: if it were isis i might have bought it
really cool looking though. and i <3 hazard light rims
good luckw ith the sale

will you discount the price if I meet you at mondo fest? its 4.5hours away for me.

I thought I had a picture, but it appears not. I’ll get one tomarrow.

Here’s the 28. It has a 38mm tire, suzue hub, steel 125 cranks, and a Japanese made Miyata seat, and a lightweight frame.

28" Questions

What kind of a frame is that? Does the wheel use 28" tires or 700? What diameter is the seat post?

Unless you are talking about the very obscure 28x1 1/2 size, 28" refers to a tire under 50mm’s that fits a 700c rim (622mm bead seat diameter). Over 50mm’s it’s called a 29", but still the same 622mm bsd.

It’s a custom built frame, like all maxxdaddy frames. Seatpost is 22.2mm. jtrops is correct, 28" and 700c are one in the same, a 622 bead diameter.

How much would shipping be to Knoxville tn on one of those suzue hubs? How strong are they?

Looks like about 8 dollars. They’re pretty good, as long as you’re not using it for trials. My dad’s had one on his coker for about 12,000 miles, I’ve seen them used long term for light xc muni. The only one I’ve ever broken was riding trials.

how do you want the money?

does hub come with bearings?

pm sent.

hey im interested in the 28". i tried to send a pm but i dont know if it worked. i live in cleveland, ohio. would you take $100 for it and to ship it here. can you email me at mikesafran@yahoo.com or call me at (216) 970-7795.



I’m interested in more info on that multi wheel giraffe.:smiley:

Sorry about the delay folks, I’ve been busy all weekend.

Knox, I pm’d you.

The 28" got sold locally, so is no longer for sale.

Regarding the 2 wheeler, It’s 2 16" wheels, with a chain drive on the top wheel geared up to about a 20". The tires have been pretty good to me in terms of not slipping. They’re both 16"x1.75" tires, so you could go a little bigger, or a little closer, to increase friction if it were an issue. It ends up being not quite 6 feet tall when the seat is at my height. The seat is a very early production Velo model that was wearing out on the sides. Looks like shipping is going to be about 50 dollars.