Spring 2015 Douthat Muni Gathering

Hey everyone!

I thought I’d create a thread for people to discuss/learn about the 2015 Spring Douthat Muni Gathering happening in Douthat State Park, VA, USA, in the spring of 2015. I have proposed tentative dates of April 17th to 19th, but those will probably change. :smiley: I’ve also made a public facebook page for the more facebook-oriented, just search “Spring 2015 Douthat Muni Gathering” and you should find it.

One thing I want to poll the crowd on – do we want to rent Creasey Lodge? If so, we should think about that now to be sure to get dates we like. I love the tent camping because you wake up on the water, but we rented Creasey this fall and it was an amazing place to chill in the evenings and talk about all things muni. So, thoughts?

Yours in muni enthusiasm,

jrink (Jenni)

I already started a thread here two weeks ago. 2015 Douthat State Park, Virginia, Muni Gathering(s)

Based on the very limited availability of the lodges and the feedback that I received, I have already reserved a lodge for the Spring and the Fall. The Spring dates are April 24-26, 2015 and the Fall dates are September 11-13, 2015. There is one room left in the lodge for the Spring.

Ah, see what happens when I don’t pay attention? Thanks Claude, this is awesome!

Zombie Ride

Maybe for the April trip, we should plan to do one of the rides wearing zombie cloths and makeup? It would make for some great pictures.

Zombies + unis = always hilarious


Well…being that I am probably closer to Douthat than anyone else on this thread, I should consider going (less than 2 hour drive). My main ride is my 36er Nimbus Impulse. I have just started doing some lite muni on it. Would I be ok with that at Douthat? what size uni’s is everyone bringing? Any other 36er’s?

I would not consider Douthat trails lite muni. There are many hills and rooty and rocky sections. A 36er is doable on many trails but not recommended for someone just started 36er muni. The most popular sized wheels are 24 and 26 although several people ride 29ers there with no problems. The bigger the wheel the more likely you will be walking up the steeper hills.

You should definitely come. Bring your 36er if you want to try it out on the trails but also bring a smaller wheel.

There is another thread with an current details on dates, lodging options and who is going here: 2015 Douthat State Park, Virginia, Muni Gathering(s)

Yes- what Claude said while I was composing the below…

36-er muni is ‘possible’ at Douthat but challenging. Most popular sizes are 26 followed by 29 and 24. Bigger tires are appreciated and found on a lot of the unis there. Lots of rocks.

Quite a few folks bring two or more sizes to decide on the day and the planned route. Everyone is happy to let others try their rides.

Since you are relatively close go up there one day and explore. Tobacco House Ridge trail that can be ridden from the main office, cross the road and head up to the campground was one of my favorite rides from this past trip. Most of the trail was ridden by at least someone and everyone found some good long rideable sections to enjoy.

Bring your lungs and your legs- lots of elevation change. I usually don’t wear leg armour around my local trails but at Douthat it is highly recommended and has saved lots of injuries. Of course helmet and gloves too.

As Pax said, leg armor is pretty handy. I had never worn it before the Douthat Fall Weekend but I am glad I had it on. The second day I put on hockey elbox pads, also glad I had those on. I am a newbie rider and I have a few crashes each day where I didn’t get a foot down. However, Douthat is awesome so it is all worth it.

Myself and a few others from Arizona have some interests in heading up to VA for your local muni weekend. There would be nothing better than getting out of town right as our weather becomes too hot to ride… If the dates change please let me know. Also, if you haven’t heard yet, there is an Arizona Muni Weekend coming up in two weeks! Its held on Presidents day weekend and we’d love it if we got some unicyclists from your neck of the woods to come out for it. For more info, search for the 2015 Az muni weekend thread.