Spreading the Word


I recently have been busy making a Unicycle Club for my University. I was hoping for some key ideas, pictures, videos, or hints that will help me promote and expand views across my school campus. I really am hoping to get people to try riding unicycles, change their views that we are not clowns, or just to get those scared unicyclists to join the club.

Thanks for all the possible help!!!


Uni-varsity - a place you go to learn to ride unicycles. Why else would they be there?


I am also very interested in this. Another local rider and myself are hoping to start a club ourselves. I made a Craigslist post a while back but no one replied to it.


how about this photo


Getting out there and riding is the best way to start. I commuted on a uni every day in college.

I don’t think that many people picked up the sport as a result of my example but several people did end up getting high marks in “Swearing at Complete Strangers for no Reason 101.”

Craigslist only works if your offering adult relations lol :stuck_out_tongue:

A valid point indeed. “male, 23years old, 6’, with blue eyes, seeks innocent adventures with one wheeled instruments in public places. The dirtier the better. Not too picky about gender”

Cheeseboro this Sunday. You can borrow my Oregon.
“The new ‘altered state’ of extreme unicycling!” T.P. :sunglasses:

Ah! I would love to. But I just did a big ride and my whole body is sore, besides the fact that I have plans with a friend this Sunday =/

I’m surprised you haven’t worn that tire off the Oregon yet, you seem to be riding it so much!

OMG! I’m glad I read your reply I had forgotten about tomorrow because I was doing a film shoot ALL day today for a TV show and so I’m tired! I’ll still ride tomorrow but probably sleep in a bit!

Anyway, the film crew from the TV series “My Generation”, with host Leeza Gibbons, met me at a client’s house this morning to shoot some initial footage of me tuning a piano. Then we shot almost 5 more hours of various riding footage using six different unicycles.

Next Saturday we’ll be meeting a trail In Simi Valley to shoot me riding some MUni. Should be a really extensive segment. I don’t know yet when it will air, but it won’t be for at least a couple months.

my gen.jpg