Spread the cheer (charity for aspiring unicyclists)

With spring comes a new season of student protests here at UCSC (that’s the Univ. of Complainers, A.K.A. University of California), and I’ve had my fill of protests with no proposals for change.

Juggle508’s dilemma of a nearly-busted uni and complete lack of funding is not a new one, nor a rare one. The unicycling community’s need for more representation, more riders and more support is ever-present as well (at least in my twisted view of reality).

What would you think about a site to match up “needy” unicyclists with donations: unis and uni parts, new and used, or funds to buy such items, perhaps “credits” for use at unicycle.com or other reputable vendors? Those “in need” could even submit bios, pictures, videos, etc. demonstrating said need.

I have been impressed by some riders’ uni-specific sites that collect riding tips, information about uni groups, and galleries of tricks, bails and the like. It’s obvious “we” have the resources to make such a site.

I have also been impressed by the range of riders on these fora and their lives outside of this sport. We hear from riders in many professions, blue- and white-collar alike, and enjoy their stories of work and life in general…

Well you’ve collectively let the cat out of the bag: we know you’ve got $$$, and we’ve seen the 14 unicycles hanging in your garage :slight_smile: It’s obvious “we” have plenty of resources to share with our fellow riders.

The question is, are we feeling charitable enough to share the love and spread the cheer of riding? Plenty of uni riders have donated their time and money to other causes, but can we do the same for our own community?

I realize there would be much to do to put together a working site, with a sensible program that would ensure “our” charity does not go to waste. I am, however, willing to at least consider the idea and offer my participation and input (even though some would rather I just shut up for once).

Granted, this is a half-cooked idea, but it is your choice to roast it into charcoal, or instead bake it with loving care. Speak your mind! I apologize that I haven’t fully researched this idea before posting, but at least I clicked the “Search” button :slight_smile:

that’s a cool idea. I think all it needs is a good system to prevent abuse.

I personally have a 24" sun that is getting no use and should be given to a good cause.

At Moab, steve howard gave away his first uni at a raffle. a kid from Rapid City won it, and was SO happy, it was great. I’m not sure if the kid had his own uni or not… I wonder what his mom said when he came home.