Spray paint on a unicycle?

So, my coker will not be ridable until next Sunday, so I figure while it is unridable I mine as well give it a sweet paint job. So could I just spray paint parts of it? Like the frame and the rim if I was really careful and only got it on what I wanted to get it on, or would I have to use powdercoating?
I also want to make sure that the chemicals in spray paint won’t mess up my frame and rim and spokes and such.
Thanks to anyone who answers.

i seriously doubt it will mess anything up… there is like a .001% chance, but anyways… go for it, make sure to do tons of super thin coats to make it look nice and clear coat it a few or more times as well. you could spray parts of it… just make sure not to get it anywhere too important(inside the cranks/on the axle)

Hey habbywall i agree with skrobo about the clear coating and not to paint the insides of the axle/crank. What colour are you thinking of spray painting it or is it just to make it nice and shiny. :smiley: :smiley: :D. But be careful when applying to not make it go into the axle/crank. Keep us updated.

i actually have painter my uni. I used car-spray paint, and added a clear protectant coat on top. It was really easy, actually. i only did the frame though. I did it before i ever even rode my torker. But, i am the only person i know of with a silver torker DX.
here’s a picture:

on the subject of painting im gunna spray stencil “GNAR SCHREDDER!!” on my Koxx when it get scratched (and when i get it)

so your gonna stop riding and spray as soon as you fall for the firs time???

LOL i got my koxx red devil the other week, and the pedals have gone from red to 30% silver… LOL :smiley:

When I spray painted mine, I started by useing a wire wheel to get all the crome off then I just put painters tape on any part I didn’t wnt painted then did about 4 real thin coats with the paint, I used tremclad or somthing like that and it looks fine.

Do you have to take the crome finish off first or can you just spray right on over?

its probally a good idea, paint dosen’t stick very well to the crome. you can get a wire wheel that goes on the end of a drill at a hard ware store for like 3 bucks

You shouldn’t have to remove all of the crome, but you should definately prep it with some sand paper. I would start off with about 220 before the prime coat. After a coat or two of primer you can use something finer like 300-400.