Sports Coverage at N.U.C. !!!!!!

Hungry for press???

In HK, armed with the “On One Wheel” article written about the “HK EAGLES” by
John Foss, I was able to show this to both the Chinese and English press in the
form of a press release. I also wrote up a small piece about UNICON IX and how
the “Eagles” were going to be the first HK team to ever participate in a UNICON.

We subsequently got interviewed and reported in 5 different newspapers … most
with huge pictures, and I got air - time on a prime time HK radio show to talk
all about it, while rocking one-footed (a great effect on radio).

It was a bit of work to get the press involved, but was SERIOUSLY WORTH
IT!!! The boys all now have great scrap books and most of HK knows what a
unicycle is now!!!

Thanks to John Foss for writing the nice article about “The HK Eagles” which
first made them famous, and to Connie Cotter for publishing it in “On One Wheel”

Steve Dressler - “The Uni Male”

Unicycling Society of Hong Kong (USHK) The Filipino Unicycling Network (F.U.N.)

>> What kind of sports coverage has the Nationals had in past years?

>It can be a lot of work to get press coverage, but it’s worth it. Send out
>press releases (early and about 3 weeks before), and also make follow-up phone
>calls. Reference web sites or other resources in the releases, so the press
>people know you’re for real. We should get more coverage from newpapers, TV and
>Stay on top, John Foss, the Uni-Cyclone