Spoke tenson meter in mod trials wheel?

Hey, has anyone used one of these park tool spoke tension meters in a trials wheel? Does it fit?
Evan says the wheel will probably be too small.

it works for bmx. so it should.
mabey not for 48 whole

It will for 48 half though. :stuck_out_tongue:

how exactly does this work?

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Does your bikeshop use the parktool tenciometer on bmx wheels Ben? It barley fits into my bmx wheel, and its somewhat a pain to use. I had Jeff (skate4flip) measure a mod wheel and the parktool tensiometer won’t fit.

yeah. we dont use the tensioner when trueing.
just when building wheels, we dont build many bmx.

i know it can fit, i dont know how well though.

I’ll ask the mechaic/ wheel builder. (he is an ex-bmx racer) and is fairly well know for his excelent builds.

Re: Spoke tenson meter in mod trials wheel?

On Sun, 4 Mar, zfreak220 <> wrote:
> how exactly does this work?

Normally, they put the spoke in three-point bending under a defined
force and measure the deflection. Deflection gives you tension via a
calibrated scale.

regards, Ian SMith

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