Spoke Nipple size for 12g

Hey Guys,
I am trying to work out what size spoke tool i need for my 12g spokes (36" wheel)

The choices i have from park are:
SW-0 (Black) 80 ga./.127” nipple/3.23mm
SW-1 (Green) 80 ga./.130” nipple/3.30mm
SW-2 (Red) 80 ga./.136” nipple/3.45mm
SW-3 (Blue) 105 ga./.156” nipple/3.96mm

Does anyone know what thinkness the nipple on 12g spokes are? I can’t work it out and don’t trust my measuring that accurately.


If you are asking how wide the nipple is at the point it is square, for purposes of selecting a spoke wrench,
I measured my coker - arifoil - Kovachi wheel and it is .155.

I used a that reads to 1/1000 of an inch


I use a blue park tool spoke wrench for the Coker.

BTW, Unicycle.dot.com had these wrenches even though they were not in their on-line catalog.