Spoke lengths for a nimbus freewheel disc compatible hub and 24" KH rim?

I’m trying to get the spoke lengths needed for this hub (disc compatible) and rim.
I was told 230 for one side and 234 for the other side (because of the disk) but not 100% sure.
I have to buy my spoke this evening because I’m buying other stuff in sales until tomorrow.

Does someone know the right lengths that I need? :slight_smile:

Thank you!

After reading this Wheelbuilding - experience of a novice who didn't want to read a book and entering the correct values in https://www.unicycle.uk.com/calculator/ it gives me 229 and 231mm.

Are these the right lengths?
Should I go for 228 and 231?

I’d say order the ones the calculator gives you, and add a comment describing what wheel you are building to your order, asking UDC to send the correct spoke length should they be different from the size you entered. So far that has worked well for me, at least with municycle.com (UDC Germany).

Thank you for this advice. :slight_smile:

I get the same from the spoke calculator as you. 228 and 231 as you suggest, is what UDC UK have in stock if you want black spokes. If you go for stainless steel, there are more options available. They can also make spokes the exact length you want.

I ordered very close to 1mm more on each side than the spoke calculator said, and that was about right. Not sure I would go 1mm shorter, but I can’t really advice you beacause I have very litte experience with wheelbuilding.

If you have a standard frame with 42 mm bearing housing, you’ll also need bearings shims to make this hub with 40 mm bearings fit the frame.

1 mm of difference should be OK. https://www.sheldonbrown.com/spoke-length.html some people are more persnickety than others, but from some reading online I remember doing, a lot of people think 2mm off isn’t a big deal, unless it’s too long and extends into the rim strip. Most people say within 1mm +/-. If you have offset spoke holes in the rim, that will bring the size down by about 1mm or maybe even 2 for fat rims. I had this problem when ordering spokes for a 26 fat build. The spoke calculators generally don’t account for offset spoke holes. If you’re stuck between 228 and 229 and you can confirm they don’t account for the offset, I’d go with 228.

Thank you for your replies. :slight_smile:
UniMyra: I’m aware of this and I’m going to purchase this as well (my frame is a QX muni). :slight_smile:

I’m looking at a left over spoke from my freewheel build, and the threads on the spoke are 10mm. The threads inside the 12mm nipple are 10mm as well.

If I screw the nipple on, it stops when the spoke is sticking out 1mm on the back of the nipple, so thats the absolute maximum length (with a double wall rim).

So how many mm of the spoke threads needs to be engaged in the nipple for the wheel to be strong enough. I don’t know, but at least 5mm. Probably more. This gives you a tolerance of maybe maximum 4mm when you calculate spoke lengths?

Bear in mind that I have no idea what I am talking about.