Spoke Length Questions

I currently have a Torker DX hub laced to a Alex DX32 rim.

I am upgrading the old hub to a KH 2007 Moment hub.

Will I be able to use the same spokes to lace the DX32 rim to the Moment hub? Or will I have to buy a new set of spokes?

I have checked the spoke length calculator, but they don’t have the DX hub or the 2007 KH hub, so I cant get the length from that.

Hoping one of you guys know.:slight_smile:

I would say get new spokes and get a proper nice tensioned wheelbuild. Your old spokes are probably kinda worn out and stretched by now. Id say go with Sapim spokes or maybe DT spokes, those are nice. By using new spokes I think your wheel will just be that little bit stronger, which is alwaysgood and most likely worth the exrta money. OF course I have no experience with using old spokes so if someone with experience pipes up and says its totaly fine then go with what they say. O yeah, why are you lacing a Moment hub to your Alex DX rim? I though you were buying the whole KH '07?

I’m assuming you have the 20’’?

Technically its the 19 inch one. Trials. =p

You should get new spokes since they aren’t as strong when you reuse them. The easiest way would be to just get them from Darren or UDC and just tell them you need the spokes to fit that rim and hub and that way you won’t have to figure out what length you need, they will figure it out.

100%…go with new spokes! Different hubs stress spokes in different ways. If you use old spokes those spokes will have been stressed in different ways by two different hubs and will most likely break or have a wheel that will not stay in true. You might get lucky, but I wouldn’t risk it. Even if you were using the same hub and rim I’d suggest new spokes. Building it up yourself? It’s fun and frustrating at the same time, but gives you a nice feeling of accomplishment…good luck!

I will be building it up myself. =p

Im waiting to hear back from UDC to see what spoke length I need for the KH and alex rim combo.

So why not just stick with the wheel that comes on the KH 07? O yeah make sure to get 13g spokes for the KH hub.

Im just buying the hub and cranks. Thats the only part of the KH I need, cause all my other parts are still good, and not worth buying a whole new KH. =p

You bent your DX hubset :astonished:

Hehe, no. I just wanted an upgrade. =p

I could use the DX hub and cranks and build up a Muni with it now too.

Cool. That sounds nice. Is that what you really plan on doing?

Yep. =p

I would jsut have to buy a Nimbus frame, a 24 rim, and spoke and ill have a Muni.

Those things will only cost me about 100 dollars all together. :slight_smile:

How bout a saddle to sit on? And maybe a seat post to hold that up?:stuck_out_tongue:

I already have those. =p

Crap, I would need to buy new pedals too, good thing Kona Jackshits are so inexpensive. About 20 dollars.

Ill build the wheel up myself, and save money that way too.

What saddle and post are they?

KH seat post and saddle.

Very comfy.:smiley:

Cool this is like a chatroom:D

Lol, it kinda is. =p

Me and my friend mike are fighting. Its funny.

It post aobut it in MR.