Spoke Gauges

I’m gonna buy an Onza Hog rim. It says on unicycle.co.uk that it takes 12g spokes. Does that mean that KH spokes(13g) won’t fit on it? Or can I still shove them in?

Also, they sell 12g spokes on unicycle.co.uk, but they’re shorter than KH wheel spokes by 5mm, so I’m not sure if I’d be able to fit use them with a Koxx hub.

12g spokes are really thick. Normal spokes are 14G. It means that it’s hard to find a good spoke key. If i was you i’d stick with the standards. 13G is what ships on the KH/koxx unis (apart from the koxx ones with butted spokes which are 14g)

if you look here it says 14G or 13G.

How come you getting a new rim dude? did you break the kh07? I actually just got a koxx street rim cause my kh07 cracked :frowning: got white 14G spokes - looks pimp

Hmm, that’s weird. I wonder where I got that 12g from. I guess I’ll go with normal KH spokes then. Problem solved.

And no, I didn’t break anything, I’ve barely done any riding since I came back from England, it’s way too hot. I’m getting the Koxx light cranks and Koxx hub, so I thought I might as well get a new rim, tyre and pedals, while I’m at it:)

Gonna sell my KH set-up.

I might buy your kh wheelset. (rim + hub + cranks). What rim is it and how much d’you want for it?