splined freestyle uni

would a splined freestyle uni be good for street because I think it would be great for street and a little bit of trials. I have a 20" x 2.25" tire on one of my unicycles now but i was thinking of putting a splined hub in it to make it a splined freestyle uni. what is everyones opinions on this and do you think it will work. also if anyone has a splined freestyle uni(I know a few people do) how do you like it.

it would be a sweet street uni… i think it wouldnt be good at trials tho…

i think the rim would bend

i ride with a splined torker dx hub and cranks laced to a primo balance rim, and i like it alot for street. i think trials tires are to big and slow for street, they make quick sharp turns hard. i’ve had no problems with bending rims, i’ve jumped 7 and 8 set with no problem, and the primo balance is not the strongest 20inch rim you can buy. if you are worried about breaking rims get the primo hula hoop or odyssey 7ka.

I started a thread about this a little while ago. Spencer has one. He likes it alot. He will peobably post pics of his.