Hey, everyone. The other day I made a short video with a few new tricks.


Hugo motivated me to try the MonsterSpin :stuck_out_tongue:

-Eli Brill

:astonished: Sick! tell me how works the trick at 0:16? grat video

so nice eli so nice… i loved it

Thanks, guys. The trick at :16 is an inward varial backside spin… I do it by holding with my right hand directly on the handle, then using it to push the seat back. From there I just grab with my left hand and whip it around in front of me. My left leg goes around the front of the seat.

Nice video Eli but whats a monster spin?

It was the first ever I’m pretty sure, its a 900 unispin + 180 body varial.

For some reason I liked the sketchyness of the fakie 9, and the fulloutbacksidespin (?) was nice. Do you know if it was an outbacksidespin that Lorenz did in his cowboy video? Maybe I’ll try some, they look sick.

Michael, I am the first person to 900 with a 180 twist as far as I know, so I named it a Monsterspin.

And Julia, Lorenz did an outbacksidespin in the cowboy video. I think you could get it with a little practice, it’s easy once you figure out the way it works.

Thanks everyone!

oh thats a pretty awesome trick and thats a good name for it :slight_smile:

Thanks, hahaha :smiley:



you are the man hah:D thanks!
utv player sucks! :roll_eyes:
again, amazing ideo

Well while you’re being innovative, ever try to intentionally spin the pedals themselves during flat combos?

Whenever I see it I always think “Damn, that’s stylish.” and wonder how easy it’d be to do it for every movement.

And that inward varial backspin blew my mind. If unicycling could make it big, you’d be the top of the line.