Spikes for 36" tire

Has somebody tried to install spikes to Nightrider tire?

For example these one:

I’ve never seen anything like that before, but I like the concept. I’m not sure a Nightrider tire would be thick enough to accommodate these, it looks like they’re intended to go into the thick knobs on off-road tires. Since this will end up being a dedicated winter tire anyway, perhaps the “Todd” (Vee Rubber) tire would be a better choice, since it has somewhat thicker knobs on it.
I’d be interested in seeing a picture of your tire after installing these. (A picture of you unicycling in the snow with them would also be cool.)
Good luck!

Usually people make homemade studded tires with ordinary screws, screwed in from the inside, and then covered with a liner to protect the inner tube. I made one once; it was pretty heavy and it didn’t last too long, but it worked.

The studs in the photo - screwed in from the outside - look like they would risk working their way farther in and puncturing the inner tube. But they probably would be lighter and last longer if they worked.

These look pretty cool. They say that the short bicycle version need 5mm’s, or a quarter inch penetration into the tread. Maybe someone who has “trimmed” knobs off a Nightrider would know if they are deep enough to hold these studs.

At a buck a piece they aren’t cheap. They would really only make sense for an oddball size for which studded tires aren’t available (Coker, Fat Bike tires…). My Nokian studded tires have 160 studs per tire. That would be over $300 if I wanted to use these aftermarket studs for a similar effect.

I wonder if someone couldn’t make a drill that would make a hole to fit the replacement Nokian studs. I recently bought a pack of 25 for $10. It would be a tricky bit since it would have to cut a shoulder under the hole to hold the stud flange. I should take a closer look, but I think they are sunk about 3mm’s into the tread which would be somewhat more practical.

In three winters of riding my studded tires on my Big Dummy I have only lost 3 studs, and they were super easy to replace.

Yep, its price is a show-stopper. Nightrider is quite a large tire and it needs much more studs that regular tire. :frowning:

There’s a studded fatbike tire.

The fatbikers over at MTBR do group buys on those things to get bulk rate prices, still pretty pricey though.

Personally I like using self tapping button head sheet metal screws. The chisel tips have less rolling resistance than threaded tip screws and last longer as well.

You don’t really need much more studs on a large tire than a smaller one since there is more tire on the ground at any one time.