Spiffy little freestyle viddy for you

Today I took a little break and started riding around my house. It was pretty wet and muddy, so I ended up doing freestyle on the porch. I had a 2004 Torker Unistar lying around since this community project I am working on bought 5, and I am constantly taking them home cutting down seatposts, adding air, and tightening stuff. So I rode that instead of my freestyle uni.

Sabin (Sabin_a) and I both went for little rides at the same time, and decided to film stuff and send it to the other person afterward. I got some creative energy while on the porch, and well, you’ll see what I mean when you watch. It’s pretty amusing to watch, so I decided I’d share it with y’all.





Good boy.

I love it Jess, absolutly love it.


Hahah good video. I liked it. The name of the file says it “ulta unispin” it was great.

I have to ask, were there any tornadows after that? People who didnt watch will think they know and when they watch it wont!

I like how you are afraid to put falls in your videos. It adds so much to it.

Cool, definitely, especially that little bit of coasting. I liked the mount to seat in back a lot too- haven’t seen that one before.

I liked that hop up seat in back mount. Haven’t seen that before, so I’m afraid I’ll have to learn it now! … I wish I could think of something that other people haven’t seen before.

I esp. liked the dog! I don’t get to see dogs much at all on campus. When I see a blind guy I follow him. He has a dog, of course!


The mood is great! Very amused and relaxed, and the not-so-evil-twin thing… if only we could split and uni with “the other”.

Your mom (?) sounds just like Mia Farrow in a Woody Allen film…

Thanks for the video! Made my morning. Guess I better go hit it, so I can get off early and ride! Weather today calls for thunderstorms. 1st one will be just as I clock out, and soak until dark… Just my luck!

hey jess good video :slight_smile:

I wish i could unispin:( good fideo though:D

awesome. truly. i dont know if ill ever have a 360 unispin down but 180’s i got.

There were some near the small town of Yolo. On the news it was interviewing a guy whose car had lifted off the ground while he was in it, and slammed down. Where Zack, John Hooten, and I live there wasn’t as bad a threat as the general direction toward where John Foss lives. I can’t remember ever hearing of a tornado warning here, so it was definitely wierd.

That’s a fun mount. Jack Hughes showed me that in Japan. He’s a freestyle beast.

Cool idea!

Almost a week till Toque! yeeeehaaw!



Jess nice video, and i really like your site its very well constructed and easy to follow.


awesome video

what editing software do you use?

That isn’t as weird as the tornados we had in Hawaii last year. Those were the first in fifty odd years I reckon.

Back on topic, that was some awesome riding and a sweet little vid. Keep um coming.

I heard about that tornado that pulled the guys windshield out.

Ah, sunny SFBA.

Nive video, I love the music.


well im guessing its a pretty good video but how are people like me with a slow internet connection going to donload it? i hvant actually seen the video yet beacuse it wud take me about 4 hours to download!!!

but anyway even though i hvant seen it i will say nice video!

nice video.