Spickydoo's Spectacular Spill


I think the poll should be:

Is it broken or not?

My vote for Yes :astonished:

You need an X’ray dude. In the meantime, keep it elevated!

Don’t worry, if it’s broken chances are you’ll be out of action for 3 months but should be back in time for your 24hr race in May. When I had my ankle screwed back together in June '02 I was back doing a 12hr race in October '02.

Wish you a speedy recovery!

p/s I’m pretty sure crepitation is more in reference to the sound that arthritic joints make as the bone ends grind together.

pp/s I think I posted in the wrong thread, with regard my reference to the poll

This is Mrs.Spickydoo. (I can’t post under my much better nic) I thought I’d let you know that Rich is doing much better, and he is limping around the house now. The ankle is completely revolting with many colours. :astonished: The doctor said it was not broken.
I was under the impression that the frontal lobe on men matured when they hit 25 or so, but apparently I was highly misinformed.
I hope this is the worst that is going to happen to him. I can picture it now, 5 years from now…

Daughter:“Mommy, how come I don’t have a Daddy?”

Mrs. Spickydoo:" Well, sweetie, it was a horrible unicycle accident…" :frowning:

HA! What a sissy. I remember the last time MY ankle looked like that because it was BOTH ankles. I jumped off of a 400 foot radio tower because I was too lazy to climb down. I misjudged my landing and hit the edge of the roof of a 1957 Buick and sprained them both. I swore bitterly knowing that I had to go to work in 15 minutes and shovel 12 tons of coal into a train car. I made it to work with 8 minutes to spare and proceeded to shovel 14 tons of coal during my shift. Then I ran the 35 miles home and thought about icing my ENORMOUS ankles but decided, nah, that would be too SISSY. So I ate a block of concrete for dinner and went to bed on a pile of broken glass. I pushed a refrigerator onto my ankles and the pressure from that took down the swelling quite a bit.

Mrs. Spickydoo,
I am glad to hear it isn’t broken. I am sure he will recover quickly if you just wait on him hand and foot for a while.:slight_smile: That’s what my wife did, but now the paybacks have been hell. I actually painted the bathroom last weekend. :frowning:

In the unlikely event of someones unicycling demise, one should say “It was an amazing display of unicycling skill and daring, with a rather unfortunate outcome”. Or something to that effect.


Hi Cerebellum!

U say U R not a doctor.I am the one and trouma othopaedic too.
I would trust your sound advice entirely.
All the best.

Harper: 400 feet? that’s fake

He was in the Matrix.

The Matrix Part 1? Or the other two I will never watch?

The cold sides probably helped a bit too.

to coin a phrase, u could call it an UPD

UnPlanned Death