Spickydoo's Spectacular Spill

Sofa’s old Army buddy spickydoo was able to come to London this weekend and attend our weekly club meet. Everything was going fine until he misjudged his landing off a sandwich board. You just know this one’s going to be worse tomorrow!

For some reason, the picture didn’t work. Here it is.

Might as well add this one, just before ‘The Spill’.
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dang, at first glimpse it looked like his ankle was shattered and discombobulated. It does look sprained tho.

Gee that looks familiar… ice ice ice

I think they’re more into the beer beer beer method of first aid right now. But if it’s ice cold, does that count?

Thats a good pic spyder. Just so everyone knows, It’s feeling a little better now. I’m not sure if it’s the ice or the beer that’s working but I think I’ll be fine in the next couple of days. It sure did hurt when it happened. This sure brings me back to when I was a punk skater kid.(no offence to those who may be)
edit: spickydoo posted from sofa’s computer

Ouch. I built my first trials box today. Will my ankle look like that tomorrow? --chirokid–

Frozen peas. They’re nicer than ice. I keep a bag just for medical purposes. Fool of a college roomate once ate my after-ride kit after it had been thawed and refrozen at least 40 times. Beer was not involved.

Best wishes to a quick recovery. Looks badly sprained. RICE time (Rest, Ice, Compression & Elevation).

Re: Spickydoo’s Spectacular Spill

On Sat, 17 Jan 2004 22:40:09 -0600, spyder
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>just before ‘The Spill’.
>filename: img_0861-2.jpg

Judging from that filename which was way lower than that of the ankle
pic, and assuming that these filenames are generated sequentially by
your camera, I have to doubt the “just before” bit. Not that it
matters much, of course.

Well, I wouldn’t say it was JUST before, there were about 5 mins in between

Spickydoo just left to drive the 3 hour drive home…luckily in his automatic.

Re: Re: Spickydoo’s Spectacular Spill

You were sort of right Klaas. I had 2 different cameras.

I’m impressed! Generally we get to see gashes and scrapes on here. It’s nice to see a huge deformed ankle for a change.

…ha, that was indeed a familiar though unhappy sight!

‘unhappy’? ‘ha?’

Spickydoo, I think you’re being laughed at!

Erin: I hope you are doing well.
Rich: Get over it

The swelling has gone down quite a bit (although it’s still twice the size as normal) the colors are now starting to appear. I cant wait to see the rainbow on my ankle. I don’t think it’s broken cause I can put minimal weight on it but it did make an unwelcome crunching noise as it happened. I’ll wait another day or so and then take an updated more colorfull pic for all to see. On a good note(if there is one) in 3 years of unicycling, this is the first relatively major incident that has happened to me. I don’t count scraped palms and mashed shins as accidents. That’s just a given.Hopefully there will be no long lasting effects from this as I have a 24 hr race in may to attend and I just paid the entrance fee. Sofa, do I get a refund if I can’t race?:smiley:

From the sound of it you probably got broken bones. My guess is that you’ve broken your fibula, and possibly one or two others. Serious ligament tears are also a possibility.

A friend of mine twisted his ankle falling off a bike and decided to go home alone - an hour riding back to the train station, two hours riding the train (including an hour delay) back to Berlin, then riding the surge of angry Germans leaving the train (including a rush down two flights of stairs while carrying his bike), then riding home from the station. He thought it was sprained so he toughed it out (former UDT guy), but he had actually shattered his ankle. It was broken in 8 places. He needed an operation, got three pins and a plate; wore an over-the-knee cast for 2 months then got another operation to remove the plate. He’s still got the pins. Message - you can walk on a broken ankle, it just hurts a lot.

Ok, so I’m not a doctor and am just guessing. Worth a trip to a real doctor to get it sorted out. My friend’s doc said that breaking the bones saved the ligaments, so that crunching sound may actually be good news. Those ligaments never seem to heal right.

Best of luck,


Get better soon Spickydoo cant have an injured teamate for the 24 hr race. Hopefully its not broken and its just a sprain. I fell from a giraffe when I was first riding and spained my ankle really bad. It was huge for a couple days. I went to the ER to make sure nothing was broken/ torn to be on the safe side. Take it easy for a few weeks so you dont re agrivate it and can have a quick recovery.

Team One (aka team Awesome :wink: )

Can you say CREPITATION ? :astonished:

From the link - “…or as that in tissues affected with gas gangrene”

Ewweeee… :frowning: