Spencer at NAUCC 07

Spencer just upload that first peace of video from the NAUCC 07. It shows him while doing his freestyle routine. He make the 6th place with it and some told him “a good job but it was all flatland” :smiley:

You will find it on utv and you can download it as flash here and as wmv here and in some minutes also as mov file here


that was a good piece of riding there =]

Very cooooool! I love it!!!:wink: :slight_smile:

That was cool. I like how he incorperated his BC weel into that too. Any other ones of other people?

very nice, shame he didnt add any unispins to 1ftww, Iv seen him do that before and it looks awsome.


Wow, that was crazy! Very consistant for a competition.

And I’ve got the same T-shirt.

Haha yeah, that was my costume.

We really should have open x or a flatland competition. I got 6th out of 11 in advanced.

Haha, he said before he was planning on doing all “flatland”.

Although it’s funny how the judges differ between flatland and freestyle, both being done on flat land…

i really enjoy spencer stuff

i would like to see a 1ftww on that is really sick

good job spencer- i saw u there at nationals- i was there -u did good -better than me- i didn’t do a freestyle routine\or any routine-i raced:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

yea that was pretty sweet, I just bruised my ankle by trying a new flatland trick, while practicing a new flatland trick I had just landed an hour ago.

Did I say Chad Is thee best name ever…

much agreed!

There are still some plans about splitting street in 2 competitions. Big Street and Flatland