SPEED ll. 36er

Speed ll. 36er XC trail and free mount tips. Shot with gopro 7 in protune mode at 60fps, and 1/60 shutter, using an ND 32 filter to give cinematic look and motion blur. Since I was holding the camera while riding, the speed wasn’t going all out, but was still moving at a pretty good clip. Hope you enjoy! :slightly_smiling_face:


Great video, as usual. It’s nice to see that I’m not just hopelessly inept when I find uphill mounts quite difficult.

It would be interesting to see a readout of the unicycle configuration you use in these videos. Just a brief list of the crank length, rim, tire etc… That way those of us who aren’t so experienced can get an idea of what you’ve come to prefer over the years when you’re going for speed or hopping up stairs or whatever and maybe get some extra insight into what works and what doesn’t.

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Thanks Duff. For this video I used dual hole cranks, 127/150, and used the longer length for the single track. In general, the longer cranks will give you more leverage for climbing and for more technical terrain. But for long road rides on the 36er, I use 110s to 125s. The rim is the standard stealth ll and the tire is the nimbus nightrider.

I’ve switched down to 150’s on my Nightfox from 170’s and found I did lose a little climbing ability and freemounting became a bit more difficult, however it is a bit faster now and I think I can master it and climbing on 150’s. No plans to go lower than that for the near future though as I enjoy trails more than the road and would gladly sacrifice some speed for better offroad ability.

Do you still like the carbon rim for riding on the street? One thing I notice about riding muni with a 36er and a stealth2 is that due to it’s weight and large diameter, I really have to forcefully change direction when I am turning.