Specific catagories

I could.be off base in suggesting this as it may already exist. I would be interested in seeing categories specific to wheel sizes and types of riding. I m an over 50 rider riding primarily riding a 29er road and a 26 muni. I would love to be able to go to categories specific to 29ers as well as a categorie for over 50 riders.

Ironically, this thread about categories is in the wrong category… (maybe an admin can move it to Forum Feedback, where it would fit much better?)

I think there are enough categories now, for everything else there are thread titles and the search function. In a “category” system like this forum, you can’t break the categories down too far, or else threads will always fit in multiple categories, which will make it hard to find them again. For what you are thinking of, an additional “tagging” system may work, but those require the tags to be used correctly. (Which rarely happens.)

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We talked a lot about using tags for the forum upgrade and ultimately decided not to use them on all categories for various reasons, including the one you mentioned.
There are only used in #trading-post where we can find #search and #offer tags.


I can see how that could create quite a monstrosity in your system. Thank you for explaining it to me. I am really enjoying the new format. Nice work.