I am not familiar with the rules of uni racing (I have never attempted much more
than riding one, until recently :slight_smile: but would they be legal in a distance race?
Face plants have never won any races that I am aware of :O) but if that problem
could be solved it would be pretty cool to see. I’ll keep working on the idling
and leave that techy stuff to the experts. Any recomendations on the idling
would be appreciated. I have got a few back and forths down but not much. I just
finished “The Unicycle Book” by Wiley, but he didn’t give a lot of explaination.



re: SPD’s

Just seems like a bad idea to me. I can reach max speed without them and if I’m
going fast, I sure don’t want my feet attached to the pedals when I bail. I
really can’t imagine when you would ever want them. To keep your feet on when
going over bumps or down stairs? That’s when I definately don’t want to be
attached. Can anyone give me a reason why you would want them?

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