Michael Camilleri <MJTC@phyv1.auckland.ac.nz> writes:

>How about POWERGRIPS. They are a wide strap going diagonally accross the pedal,
>and secure the foot as it is twisted in. No straps, no clips, uses any shoe
>type you want, and very quick and easy to get in and out off. You use a
>standard pedal, so you have the choice of strapping in or turning the pedal
>upside down.

>I think these would be a much saner proposition on a unicyle than clipless
>pedals, and a hell of a lot cheaper (about $15 US), and they can really
>grip tight.

The whole idea is to keep the feet on the pedals at higher cadences for racing,
since the current rules disallow wheel size/crank length changes which would
moderate cadences at racing speed.

SPDs? Powergrips? They’d probably work great…until you lost it. I haven’t
tried SPD or Powergrips, but my personal feeling is I don’t want ANYTHING
keeping my feet from hitting the ground first if I have to bail. Especially if
I’m going fast.

Dennis Kathrens