Space Tyres

So apparently space tyres are about to become a thing, they don’t mention sizes (36"?) or mass.

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Airless tires are one of those things that come up periodically, but they usually don’t seem to actually make it to mass market. This time with some added “space technology”… On the upside, these actually look like they have studied the deformation of the tires and compared to “conventional” tires, which is nice for a change. (But I’m a nerd, I want to see test results.)

For MTB/Muni use, I don’t see how they could overcome the advantage of being able to finetune a pneumatic tires behaviour through air pressure on the fly. As a road tire, maybe.

If a startup like this says they are expecting prices to be high, that means they will super expensive, so that worries me…

I wouldn’t say no to trying one, but how do you change your tyre feel to suit the surface or the weight of the rider?

I can see where this would appeal to people in competition, no risk of flats. They don’t mention weight though and roadies are about the biggest bunch of weight weenies in the history of sport, (although without that massive stem weight there might be an advantage to be had), and they could probably mold it perfectly flush with the rim which might be a tiny bit more aero, definitely appealing to the triathletes.

I Agree, just read any post on tire pressure and you will see people riding anywhere from 10 pounds to 70 pound if not more. That is depending on the type of riding one is doing. It’s an extremely personal choice that is only arrived at by trial and error. How you would make those adjustments will be interesting to see.