Southern Hospitality Open - Nifty Unicycle Fanatac Rendezvous - Spring 2005

“SHO-NUF” Rendezvouz 05

Monte Sano State Park
Huntsville Alabama
Trail Review
The MB trails in this park have gotten very good reviews. The camping looks good. Location convenient to PUC and MUC and Knoxville and Atlanta. Of course, the invitaion is open to any and all riders.

Details being worked out. Count on 10 - 20 participants from Memphis (at least 8 uni-riders).

Dates TBD

More Later

Memphis Mud

You’ve got my attention! I’ve had a great time for all my trips to the south.

What a cliff hanger on the dates. Common, give me a hint, at least pick a couple potential months.


Sounds like a great time. If the date is good, I will be there. Come on, throw us some dates. --chirokid–

April or May.

Things worth noting:

Spring weather is such a crap shoot. Cross your fingers.

March 27 is Easter. (So March 25 is Good Friday, some have off)

May 8 is Mother’s day. (Best not be absent for this)

May 28, 29, 30 is Memorial Day Weekend.

Sunday April 3 we “spring forward” the clocks and gain 1 hour of sunlight in the PM.

It’ll probably come down to the rain forecast.

Huntsville Alabama has all the comforts of modern society.

Last time I saw Marquis (Tommy’s protege) he said at least 6 times: “When are we going camping? I love camping. When are we going?”

I believe I might talk the Tour De Wolf Sunrise Boys into a trip. Make sure it doesn’t conflict with the Wolfman Duathlon, right? Everybody ought to come here for that one again.

Add me to the list of interested parties. My calendar is open so far for April and May. However, I need to stay close to home the weekend of April 15.

Last year, Keith (chirokid) and I met at Zilpo Recreation Area in eastern Kentucky, Daniel Boone National Forest. We met in late April and had decent trails in spite of lots of rain on Friday. We found great trails, some pretty easy and through very nice woods and some very technical. The set up of the park roads made it easy to do all downhill runs for with easy shuttles and parking for shuttles.

Keith and I highly recommend it as an option. It had no trail use restrictions. I noticed the area you posted has restrictions on the use of muddy trails. It would be a bummer to not be able to ride do to rain. This is especially important for people who are coming from further distance.

As you can tell, I am SHO NUF interested. You said 10 - 20 people from Memphis and 8 uni riders. Does that mean there will be non-rdiers who will just be camping? Any family action happening here?

And most importantly… Tom, will you be making any unicycle pancakes? I assume you’ve been practicing on your griddle at home.


I’m all over this idea! Can’t WAIT!!!

Easter weekend is awesome for me - hey, I’m Jewish.

April 15th - 17th works for me.

April 23rd weekend is NOT going to work for me - Passover

April 29th - May 1st is great.

May 13 - May 15 works too.

Memorial Day is OUT for me - a wedding.

I hope that we can get a ton-o-folks down for a sho-nuf good time!



Two weekends are emerging

Friday April 29 thru Sunday May 1

Friday May 13 thru Sunday May 15

I prefer Apr29-May1. …Your Thoughts?

Everyone who is there for breakfast will have their choice of
Silver Dollar Pancakes (Fun little fellers)
Regulation Pancakes (like mom used to make)
“The Beast” (Coker-cakes)

with a side of Chirokid’s signature scrambled bacon, of course.

I vote for April 29.

Bill, I definately encourage families. In fact, I’ve invited a couple of families we camp with who are not riders. On trips past, we’ve had several trail joggers who were easily able to keep up. And of course, Mountain B*kers are welcome.

The NASA Space Museum is in Huntsville. It is extremely cool. You won’t believe how small John Glen’s booster was. It really took guts to strap that on your back.

This time we’ve chosen Monte Sano SP in an attempt to attract lots of attendees. (Campers, logde/hotel stayers, runners, b*kers, MUniers, campfire tenders, Space Museum goers, chefs…)

Zilpo sounds great. I know that we can russle up at least 3 riders from Memphis (maybe more) for a wknd there this summer.

I’m hoping that SHONUF 05 gets double or triple the attendance we had at FURECUS 04.

As for the logo: I see SHONUF as a southern japanese warrior in the tradition of Shogun. I hope our Graphic Designer (Brian.Slater) is reading this.

Hoping for:
ReidJ (+)
Bugman (+)
Brian.Slater (+)
Billham (+)
Chirokid (+3)
Tmorningstar (+1)
MemphisMud (+3)
4 other MUCsters
Several Members of Plateau Unicycle Club
1 ro 2 Memphis camping families

we may be close enough to entice to send representation.

I’m getting info together. I know that the park has some excellent stone cabins. And, as always, we can double or triple up in the campsites. Campsites with water and elec are 16.50/night. That’s it for now.

Mud out.


I think there is a chance my family (wife and daughter) may come with me to SHONUF. I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to make it myself. I have contacted Eddie Kmet of Plateau Uni Club and told him about this post for the weekend.

Good idea to pick an area that offers activities for non-riders.

Either weekend is good for me.


HOT DAMMN! It is happening! Man-O-Man, I can’t wait to see everybody again.

Thanks for tossing out the bait, Memphis Mud!


Oops! I just looked up the Monte Sano SP on mapquest. That’s a 10+ hour drive for me. Don’t know how that will impact my ability to come to the weekend. That’s full day’s travel each way. I doubt if my family will want to travel that far for a weekend.

Will anyone be riding on Friday afternoon? Or will everyone be doing a weekend only? Will there be any riding on Sunday afternoon? At FURECUS everyone had to cut out early and no riding occure on Sunday.

Any chance of changing the location to something further north? That’s one of the advantages to Zilpo Recreation area in eastern Kentucky.

Downgrade my status from the plan on attending list to the maybe list.

I know you can’t change the location just for me. And will understand if it stays at the same location.


Hey Bill Drive down with me, I bet we can make it in about 7hrs or so… :smiley:

I’m always down for a good road trip, I have no idea what my plans are for that time of the year yet, but It sounds like it could be a deffenate possibility for me to make the drive, hell, I’ve never really been to alabama. Theres a good first time for everything I guess.


7 hours is still a days drive. I’ll consider riding with you only if you pay for the speeding ticket(s). Haven’t you heard about those southern state cops? They will put you in prison and throw away the key! Haven’t you ever seen Smokey and The Bandit? :smiley:

Shame on me for throwing out that “northern” humor. Will ya’ll forgive me?

If I go down, I’ll be pulling my pop up camper. You need to stay within a reasonable speed when pulling a camper, even if it is a small one. Getting into trouble with a trailer behind you is not pretty. Don’t want to go there.


I spoke with Memphis Mud this afternoon and we suggest doing both the SHONUF and a later gathering farther north. We from western Tennessee and the Mid-south can make the drive to eastern Kentucy but without the families for a gathering a little later in the year - perhaps in June.


Wow! Reading these Sho-Nuf threads is making the adrenaline start to rush! I can hardly wait to see everyone again plus maybe a few more. I am THERE, wherever THERE might end up being. All options, dates & times, sound good to me, barring any unforseen disasters. Hope to bring some PUC’sters with me. Thanx Billham for bringing my attention to the plans!!

Eddie Kmet

Southern Hospitality Open

I will vote for April 29.

Re: Southern Hospitality Open

Make that one more! Finally we are back too some dates I can make!!! Yahoo.