Southend ride spring '08

I’ve arranged to meet some guys in Southend (google maps it) for a ride one weekend in March, so if any of you other UK riders want to, then you’re more than welcome to come along, it will be a street/trials/cruise around ride.

There is a train station in Southend if you need it.

Could you be a bit more specific about were it is? PM me if you dont want to post it. Im not saying Im coming but Im concidering it, depends who else is going to show up though. I was thinking about aranging a meet up in the bristol area around march.


As it stands, it’s me, Bunglebanks and anyone he knows in southend going (1 or 2 probly).

Oh ok, not quite were I thought it was, I dont think I will be able to make it.

Hey james long time no speak just got the internet back up, might be able to join you on my 26er for that one :smiley: sounds cool ill msn you when you next get on :smiley:

my parents live in Grays, and Southend is a nice little ride from there, so count me in.

can you be a bit more specific about the date than ‘a weekend in march’ though :slight_smile:


hey, i am “the guys from southend”

havnt posted on here in ages!

yer me and perhaps 4 or 5 others are up for it!

meet @ station?

hey STM< long time no see since crawley last year then the BJC b 4 that

drop me a prv.


Well, I didn’t want to pick a specific day until I knew if anybody was doing anything inparticular on one weekend, but how about Saturday 8th?

Or of course, if anybody else has any preferences… i’m free…

ill come along, but dont expect me to do anything bar ride as i suck :smiley:

Im up for that! Ill bring the car down and go to the cruise in the evening.


I don’t know if you were being sarcastic, but I just meant people could come if they just wanted to ride around :wink: … and if you’re coming, that’s kool.

yeah james ill come if my parents let me, ill speak to kieron later, is mark, jack, jamie etc comming too,

EDIT YOUR POST Scoot, I’m not called Janes lol. Mark Jamie and Jack are coming, yes.

cool, i eddited it JAMS lol

Lol, im not being sarcastic. The cruise in Southend is pretty massive, theres always loads of chavs in crappy pimped up cars to piss off. So I might as well take the car down if im gonna be riding there during the day.

I know you meant cruise as in ride around. Its been ages since the last London ride, a trials/street ride would be cool.


I wonder if you should hint that to somebody? :wink:

Im coming!

Whether i get the day off work or not, IM COMING lol

Awesome… but don’t tease Kieron cos his dad wont let him come atm, he think’s everyone is a paedo cos we don’t know any of you or something :thinking: :astonished:

I can conferm edd issn’t one, I also highly dout semach is one either. :slight_smile: