Southeast Mtn Unicycle Festival

To the poster and anyone who’s unsure if you shoudl attend, for lack of experience or lack of gear:

You don’t need to be a pro, we all started somewhere, we all have different skill levels, different levels of fitness, and different levels or confidence. I’m bringing a bunch of extra gear, so are others, so just come out for a day or all three days, this is THE EVENT of the southeast!

The trails in Bent Creek vary from miled to wild, there will be opportunities for all leves of riding, even road, but defitnitely double track and mild single track. You can awesome tips and build skills riding with other municyclers, what a blast!

We already reserved a space for our pop up trailer and we’ll more room for tents. Everyone should try and camp out at the the lake. You can reserve a space, I think we’re in space 21 in John Loop.

If you can make the drive, just DO IT!

portsmouth ride

hi there do you guy’s ever ride around portsmouth.
im new to this and i would love to meet more peeps on uni’s

             blue76     :sunglasses:

Is there a posted schedule with times for the group rides on friday, saturday evening, and sunday?

Ride schedule

Yes. If you look on our website you can find this information.

The group in charge of the festival is still debating a few of the routes, and the rides are subject to change based on rider skill level. We are planning on doing a bunch of riding this weekend to explore a couple of options. Please check the website for updated information in the next two weeks.

Planning for MUni fest is always a great excuse to ride a bunch :slight_smile:


I haven’t been yet Blue76. What kind of riding do you have in Portsmouth? Are you considering coming to the Asheville MUni Fest? It is a great way to meet people. We’d love to have you!


Ben: Just trying to figure out what uni’s to bring. Obviously my MUni but I was thinking about bring my trials uni as well; are there any good places to do trials where we’re going to be? Is anybody else interested in some trials sessioning somewhere? I’m no pro, probably a solid intermediate trials rider… I also thought about bringing my 36er but I don’t know if would get any use, unless someone just wants to try it out? Same goes with my 5’ giraffe… If I don’t hear anything back I’ll just plan on bringing my trials and MUni…

Gear to bring

Great questions MuniSano,

You’re welcome to bring as many unicycles as you want. There will be opportunities to ride everything - at least around camp. There are some rides we are looking into that you’d definitely want to be riding a 24 inch because they are more technical. Check out our website because we will be adding some photos soon to show just how technical some of these rides can be.

Over Labor Day weekend, Jeff Ray and I explored a new trail that had a dried up river bed for a 1/4 mile. It was very technical and tough terrain (lots of loose shifting rock) to navigate, even with a 24 inch wheel. Nothing you’d want to try and tackle on a giraffe :slight_smile: If you had a trials unicycle, there could be some great riding in some of these areas. There are lots of rocks and logs to roll down if you wanted to practice your trials riding down the trail.

There will be an opportunity to ride your 36er if you bring it along on Saturday after the Tour de Bent Creek (the 12 mile ride). We have several riders in our community that ride 36 inch wheels and one option will be to go for a road ride with Bill Spears Saturday afternoon. There will also be a very technical MUni option in North Mills River.

Bent Creek or Lake Powhatan has a little of everything, but you could ride a lot of it on a 29er if you have one.

Again - thanks for the questions!

also check out

Thanks Ben. I’ll probably just bring my 24" and 20". I’ll through with the 36er for a while as I’ll have done a metric century on it the week before! My main passion is MUni, the longer and tougher the ride the better. I know I’ll have fun riding with other riders, this will be quite a culture shock to me! See you all very soon!

Alright, I admit that I’m starting to “waffle” a little bit on coming as we seem to have been bombarded with constant rain in the SE for quite a bit lately! I’m not afraid of riding in the rain and mud, but I wonder how good example we’ll be setting if we chose to ride on trail systems that have been saturated with rain. I know that at least in my area it is very frowned upon and discouraged to ride on wet/muddy trails. It also really isn’t as fun. Don’t get me wrong I’ve spent some quality time on wet/muddy trails, but the end result was an expensive overhaul of equipment. Now I’d really just like to ride with other folks, even if it means we spend time on some of the many fire roads / gravel roads in the area. I’m sure there is plenty of epic possibilities in that vein as well? Anyhow, I’m kind of on the fence on this weekend. I just got back my KH/Schlumpf hub and had it rebuilt into my KH24, and just replaced my hydraulic brake; so I’m dying to ride! Any thoughts? Perhaps a gravel plan B route?

Thanks from Tampa

We just wanted to say that Jarrett and I had a great time, wet but a great time none the less. Ben, Jeff, Jack, and Bill (and everyone else) you guys really rolled with the punches that the weather threw our way and just organized a great festival.

I was a blast to be able to ride and hang out with so many great people.

On the ride home we were already planning out how to make the trip next year and be able to stay in the area longer.

It was great meeting and riding with everyone. Anyone that got pictures please let me know when and where you get them posted.

Jason and Jarrett

hey Jason, We had a blast this weekend also, It was so fun meeting and riding with all of you. I can’t wait for next time.
Thanks again to Ben, Jeff, Jack, Bill, and everyone else for making this possible.
Ben, I’m not far away and would love to come ride. If you plan group rides let us know.
Rah-Bee :smiley:

Ditto to the above, the organizers did an awesome job! Here are the few pictures I took from my phone, plus some elevation profiles from the rides:

…and I’m already training for next year, so there will be no doubt as to who the true champion is!

Great Signature.
Way to go hitting the bragging rights fresh out of the gate :slight_smile:

Asheville is so fresh…

I am so thankful that I met all of you at the munifest! I am looking forward to living in Bent Creek very soon. Our Souls are filled with so much joy every time we go to Asheville Nc. I can’t wait to meet up with all of you uni riders again…
peace & joy to all of you… Jessie

Liam had a blast & hopes he didn’t cause to many UPD’s :astonished:

I’d like to second, or third, or twenty the sentiments expressed so far, thanks guys for taking the time out of your day to day (and your riding :D) to organize/sponsor/coordinate this get together. I had a blast, and it seemed like everyone else did too.

I’m a little disappointed that we weren’t able to stick around for the Sunday riding, but after the wringer you put this poor flatlander through, I don’t know if I would’ve survived it, hehe.

No pics to contribute, but I did manage to capture more of the Friday rides before my GPS filled up than I thought I did. I’ve posted them on my newish everytrail account, which should allow you to download and import into Google Earth as well as offering some stats.

My family regularly vacations west of Asheville in the Cashiers/Sapphire/Brevard area, so I’ll have to give a heads’ up next time I’m up that way again… I’d love to ride with any of the great people we met this weekend.

still wondering whether his honorary prize was for enlightening or confusening,

John M

Hey everyone!

Thanks for all the thanks! Congratulations to our new Asheville MUni Fest champions - Jeff, Ben and Rob. (Nice work on bragging Ben K). Who would have thought it would have ended in a three way tie? Still trying to fix the shirt and add names to it :slight_smile:

If you are interested photos are uploaded to our site.

I also created a photobucket share album if you want to share photos with everyone.

Thanks for sharing pics Ben K.

Come and see us again! AND you don’t need to wait a whole year either :slight_smile:


The MUni Festival looked amazing! I am definately gonna try very hard to make it next year!

Hey Everyone!
I enjoyed hanging out and riding with all of you! The group rides were super fun, very wet, but definitely fun. Also, I do believe that my “super cool socks” are pretty much ruined… haha! Well I can’t wait till next time!!!

Hello folks… Just wanted to thank everybody who had a part in putting on the 2009 Asheville Mountain Unicycle Festival! You guys seriously rock! I did a little write-up, complete with a few pictures (mainly of myself, heck it’s my blog right?) at:

Please, everybody keep in touch, as Ben R. said we don’t have to wait until next year to ride together! :slight_smile:

Asheville MUni Fest

Thank you Nate and Cheesy Lemon Productions for our very first MUni Fest Video. Awesome work!


Also please look at our website when you get a chance because I just finished uploading new pictures from Bill Palas, our photographer. Also please share pictures if you want on the photobucket place I set up.



PS - I am planning on ending this thread soon and restarting a “Asheville MUni Fest” one. Please be looking for this.