Southampton Unicycle Hockey

Hi, Southampton unicyclists finally have somewhere to practice hockey! (Or just unicycling in general). Anyone who would like to come along, please feel free- the more the merrier!

Details :

The first session has been booked for Sunday Febuary the 11th, 12 - 1pm at Southampton Solent University Sports Hall.

This is a map of how to get to Solent University:
This is a map of how to get to the sports hall:

For drivers, there is parking available -hopefully you can see this on the map.

We all MUST use non marking tyres and plastic pedals. We dont have many sticks between us, so if anyone has their own, please can they bring it!

The plan is that if anyone wants help fitting a new tyre or pedals we will meet outside half an hour before (11.30) to sort this out.

The cost is £25 between us for the hour, so the more people that turn up the less it will cost each person. So far we have 5 confirmed people, so we know it will be a fiver each at the most.

This is the first session so far, and if it is successful we would like to make it a more regular thing.

Hope to see lots of people there!

Anna, Richard and Dan.

…and if you needed persuading further there will be a reporter and photographer coming along from a local newspaper (the echo) to do a little article on us. So it would be great to have as many people as pos there for this one (southampton based people and those of you a little further afield). dont worry if you dont want to play hockey, we have the whole hall so there will be plenty of space.

should be great fun,


This should be a good afternoon, so if anyone is considering coming down then please let us know, or if you know of unicyclists in the area that could be interested then please let them know too!


Hi everyone, I was at the solent uni on tuesday evening with Cloie with their circus meeting and met two unicyclists from the uni.

I don’t think i can make it this weekend but i’m free from the 19th - 23rd of feb if anyone fancy’s doing some MUNI on the southdowns i’m coming over from poole and can meet up with people and give lifts in soton! else i might be able to make the odd weekend for hocky.

Will be great to meet up with you lot.


hi Toby im free on 21st Feb. A muni ride would be great. anyone else interested? shame you cant make this sunday. there should be plenty more though hopefully.

Shame you cant make Sunday Toby, but dont worry, hopefully you can make it monday evening instead. Muni sounds great.

Hockey is tomorrow, if anyone else is interested, please come along! i know there are some nearish unicyclists who might be interested, so please see if you can make it down, we need players! so far there should be at least 6 i of us, in a huuuuge hall! Looking forward to it,

2nd Practice Session

Hi again! Just to let you all know, we are having our second session this sunday (25th Feb), so annyone who is nearby feel free to come along, same place, same time.
Last time was great fun, let us know if youre interested -if youre not around this weekend but might be another time we can put you on the mailing list for regular updates by email.