South West Uni Meet

Well, a couple weeks to the SWUM, and my son and I are looking forward to it.

However, I have looked again at the advert, and it says Unicycles used in the hall should have clean non-marking tyres and plastic ended pedals and saddles. .

Saddles, yes- pedals- no, tyres- uh?

Can you recommend any good tyres which are CHEAP (it is an 80 mile round journey for us 2, plus the entry fee- this month we can’t stretch anymore!) and will not mark the floor? I know mine are marking- I have a spot on the path by our house where I practise, and there is a pile of rubber!

Cheers folks


Some excellent choices:
(I ride the white primo 2.1 wide)

These are both assuming you want a 20" freestyle tire.

you might find a local bike shop sells BMX style tryes fairly cheapy ina range of colours The hall floor is green should you wish to blend in. The problem with tyres tends to be from the chunky trials style ones which are made from a very soft compound. If your curent tyre leaves a black mark when you do a tight turn on a smooth surface than yes please if you can replace it it’l help us keep the hall staff sweet… If its only leaving a mark on rough surfaces its probadly the surface not the tyre.

I look forward to seeing you and some other people at SWUM in a couple of weeks. thats reminded me i must plan a timetable and sort out registartion paperwork. For added value this SWUM any attendees* will be signed up for memebership of Union of UK unicyclists till next BUC thus allowing you to earn UUU skill level certificates if you want to.


  • unless you tell me you don’t want to join, but it won’t cost you anything so you might as well accept the offer with good grace.

I’ve actually managed to persuade Catherine that it would be fun for the whole family to come! The kids want to see Daddy playing hockey, anyway. With a bit of luck I might even be able to get Catherine on a unicycle - she started learning before the kids were born, but hasn’t tried for about 6 years.

I had been wondering how to renew my membership. Because I haven’t been to a BUC since 2002 and the only way to renew membership seems to be to go to BUC (unless you can be bothered to track down who to send money to, which I couldn’t), I’m not sure how long I haven’t been a member for now.