South West Uni meet- Feb 2005

Early Warning folks
the next South West Unicycle meet will be held on Feb 12th 2005 at priory High School in Exeter.

We will have more space than at the last two as we are going to hire the gyn next door to the sports hall as well.


where’s exeter?

South West UK, a very long way from Canada. :smiley:,+Devon+[City/Large+Town]&searchp=newsearch.srf&mapp=newmap.srf

sweet, ill see you all there…
and my pledge to you is to be able to ride my freewheeler by the uni meet
also, if anyone wants a copy of the buc 10 video, let me know and ill bring some… 10 quid to cover production costs…

Any one fancy a Long Jump competition at this one?


can we do high jump as well?
arent you some sort of long jump queen sarah? is this just a chance for you to show off?
well id like to see it… and ill give it a shot… you know me, ill try anything! what other games can we have?

Long jump requires less kit ( 2 tape measures and two bamboo canes), which is why I surgested it. High jump needs someone to find and bring a pair of side surports to put an elastic or a pole between , the tricky bit is finding something sturdy but calibrated.

As for my being a long jump queen- hardly. That was the local paper talking about my pathetic 70cm best in comp effert at Unicon, twas good enough to earn me 2nd place in my age group, BUT, the ladies over 30s isn’t an age group that takes long jump very seriously!

An acro workshop has been offered subject to the school letting us use suitable gym mats.


does that mean i can try my summersault mount? i havent tried it yet, it scares me!

Only if you bring your own first aider and many bandages. It sounds messy. If it involves blood please go and bleed in the car park.


Im a first aider and Ive got bandages… i dont think there will be much blood… its the ruptured testacles and or shattered cocyx that have scared me out of doing it so far!!