South Ontario RTL Road Trip?

I was wondering if there was anyone from Southern Ontario road tripping it to Nova Scotia for Ride The Lobster. If so, would any chance that I would be able to hitch a ride?
I may not have a car by the time RTL rolls around, and I don’t think I want to risk losing my coker on an airplane or going through all the troubles of packaging it. Maybe we can get more people to travel with us too and of course divide gas/food money.
I also think it would be a good chance to meet and get to know other unicyclists around the area.
Is there anyone interested?

Of course this all interests me. I’m not sure how I am getting there yet. I am also very busy on weekdays working until the ride.

So I guess, help for me and whoever else may need to figure out a way. I think a long distance car pool is in order, if anyone can help provide that is.

  • James


Why not rent a van? Split the cost between the riding team members (gas and rental cost) and use the rental as the support vehicle for the race.

I expect between 300 - 400 in gas, plus unlimited km weekly rental rate.

Split the cost between 3 riders and 1 support person.

Van would be great so you can pack uni’s on roof rack and gear inside.
Hell maybe everything will fit inside van.