South downs college

does any go here…(UK)
or live near ish here?
no one i meet is ever a unicyclist

I live near Southampton. Come and play hockey with us on sunday afternoons if you like. PM if you’re interested


might be fun…
but i don’t have an appropriate unicycle and i work on sundays:(
you do trials or muni?
does anyone at the club do trials or muni?

We can sort you out with an appropiate unicycle if you give us a bit of notice. As for working, I cant really help.



muni or trials?
or even street?

I live in Brighton, e-mail me if you fancy a ride. At the minute I only have a MUni and a coker.

juggles at hotmail dot com

cool but it will be too far for me to travel to frequently


its at the south of the UK in hampshire
near portsmouth

I have family in Hampshire… loads actually :smiley: It’s a it far from me though lol.

same, all my family are in hampshire, shame I’m the only one who rides.

Get yourself on the UK foums buddy, loads more UK people on there so the chance of someone local to you actually seeing the thread is higher.


Hi, I’m in Aldershot, I ride mostly road and muni:) I’ve heard Queen Elizabeth country park is good for muni, I’ve never got round to finding out for myself though.