South australian unicycle club????

Hey everyone im new to the forum. Although most of you seem to be from america etc. I was wondering if anyone here knows of a unicycle club in South Australia. I have found a link on another site but it didnt work :angry: Cheers in advance for any help:D

Hey Ache, welcome to the forum.
There are a few of us aussies around the joint.
On this forum, however, there are no south australians (I think). As for clubs, there is the AUS (Australian unicycling society) but I’m not sure if there is a south australian chapter.

As for Australians on R.S.U., there is Andrew Carter in Brisvegas, David in Toronto (Near newcastle, NSW), and Gabe and myself from Armidale in the new england region on NSW.
I’m sure andrew will have lots to say as he knows about uni in aus more than myself so I’ll leave it up to him…

No I don’t.

Nice to meet you Ache. I don’t know if you’ve seen this or not but quite a few Aussies have put their details here:

David (who I’m sure will reply to this thread pretty soon) is working on setting up a unicycle club that’ll eventually have different divisions (I think) but I don’t think it’s set up yet.

What sort of riding are you into?
Are you planning on going to UniNats this year (Australian unicycling nationals in Canberra)?

It’s nice to see the number of Australians on rsu steadily increasing.


Re: South australian unicycle club???

While stranded on the hard shoulder of the information super highway typed:
> Hey everyone im new to the forum. Although most of you seem to be from
> america etc. I was wondering if anyone here knows of a unicycle club in
> South Australia. I have found a link on another site but it didnt
> work :angry: Cheers in advance for any help:D

No definite information, but you could do worse than contacting
Philippe Quoilin
or Sally Birch
Both are involved with juggling in Adelaide and may be able to
point you to other Croweater unicyclists. I hope their email
addresses are still valid.

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Re: South australian unicycle club???

On Thu, 27 Mar 2003 03:26:23 -0600, ache
<> wrote:

>Hey everyone im new to the forum. Although most of you seem to be from
>america etc.

Welcome to the forum! I’m in the Netherlands which from your antipodal
point of view may qualify as “america etc”, but for me it is certainly

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south australian unicycle club???

Hey thanks everyone, you seem like good people:) I kept searching after i posted here and found the emal adress for someone from URSA(unicycle riders south australia? i hope)and yes it was listed on the Australian unicycle site. So i will get i contact with them:D.
Now to answer your Qs. I have got a clapped out 20 in uni, i ride on the street, there is a small pine forest near my house which i ride (its not as exciting as it sounds)basically i just ride anywhere local. I have only been riding for a few(3?4?) months so im not that good yet. I want to get a 24 in uni built and ride some decent trails and maybe some trials when i get better. :sunglasses:
And klaas bil, i dont think the netherlands is in america:) Man that post was too long :roll_eyes:

Gi-day Ache! Welcome to this wonderful site and Welcoming to the world of unicycling. And Yes Indeed I’m from Toronto NSW near Newcastle. I’ve got new friends on this site such as Andrew Carter and Samuel to name such a few. Start the S.A.U.C up if you like and we’ll be Mates. I’m Starting the Newcastle Lake Macquarie Unicycle Club and it’s not ready just yet 'til there is at least 20 members to start at. There is an another Club already Started called Australian Unicycle Society and it’s base at the A.C.T. Give them a called at and click on AUS.
You can see my other thread what I was suppose to start.
We need some Unicycle Clubs here in Australia because of Popularity and ever increasing people wanting to learn the basics of unicycling. I don’t know if there’s many Aussies besides Andrew, Samuel, Jimmy, Me of cause, or what. COME ON AUSSIE’S
COME ON, COME ON. As our Australian Cricket Theme goes. WE NEED YOU’SE. Where’s the Allison’s by the way.

David.:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


If you’re looking for a 24" muni or plan on buying one later on, The Gap Bike Shop in Brisbane (where I work part-time) will be selling munis in a few months. Gary, one of the co-owners of the shop, is currently getting some frames made up. Then, he’ll hopefully put it together with a Profile hub and crank set, Alex DX-32 rim, Nokian Gazz 24" x 3" tyre, Odyssey Twisted Pro pedals, and a Miyata seat and sell it for a pretty reasonable price (which I don’t know yet). It’s the same as my muni but with a different frame. If that doesn’t suit you, have a look at (you probably already know that site, but anyway…) for some great munis. The only realy problem is the shipping costs I guess.


Andrew! I’ll Call you one day for the MUni’s. May be interested in one. I looked at the KH24" on and looks Great. The 26" could even be better. I’ll give you a call or you give me a call when it’s ready. Cheers Mate.


south australian unicycle club???

Djm let me know how you go setting up the club.I dont think i could start my own club because im still an unorganised teenager:D If it makes you feel better we can still be mates :roll_eyes:
Andrew Carter post up here when you get the unis in if you can, that would be cool. I tried to find out some more today, but no bike shops could really help. I will probably get a custom frame built, becuase my dads friend builds custom bikes, but we’ll see.
Cheers everyone

Ache! Don’t Worry. Someone will start one up in South Australia, Don’t you worry about that. Call me David instead DJM. Andrew And Samuel Does. Hey! Don’t worry Ache. I have a Teenage Friend myself. And I reckon Teenagers have been left Forgotten, some where I don’t know. You have made me a new friend here and I registed back in January 2003. The Right time and you have. I’ll let you know what my Unicycle club is Going. Keep watching this site and I’ll Post some on this Site.
Goodluck Ache Mate and let’s be friends like Andrew and Samuel and other mates on this site. Cheers.

David.:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

One tip Ache, Make sure you check your spelling by using the post reply button. It pays to watch. I found a few of yours but don’t worry, we’ll read it through. O’k. GREAT.

David and Ache,

I’ll probably send you each private messages when the munis are ready. I’ll probably also post a thread about them. So are you planning on going to UniNats Ache?


Thanks Andrew, I’ll watch my pm’s.