Source of 26" Duro Leopard/Halo Contra tyres in UK?

Does anybody know where I can get a 26x3" Duro Leopard tyre in the UK? (like the ones that come on Nimbus munis)

I spoke to Miark at UDC this morning and apparently they can only get them with new unicycles, not separately. He thinks the importers (who brand them as Halo Contra) don’t import the 26" version. I couldn’t find any in a quick web search.

I could get a 26" Gazz easily, but I like the Duro (it’s more rounded section than the Gazz).

Anybody know a source, or anybody got a new or nearly new one they could sell me? There must be somebody who prefers the Gazz and has swapped it out.


BTW, Miark if you read this: sorry about thinking you were Roger - you must sound very similar :o

Dunno if it helps but the Halo stuff is imported by Ison - 01223 213800 although presumably that’s who Roger gets them from.

There’s probably some other tyre with a more rounded section than the gazz, although you might have to go down to 2.7" or something. Personally I don’t find much difference between 2.7 and 3", you don’t do trials on it do you.


Probably… Miark said he’d asked the importers and they only import the 24" version.

Yes, there’s probably something quite similar out there - it’d just be easier if I could get a Leopard/Contra coz I know I like it, rather than having to guess by looking. Most of the downhill tyres seem to have the spikes a bit oddly laid out (a row or two down the middle, then a gap before a row down each side) rather than the nice evenly spread spikes on the Leopard or Gazz. I’m tempted to try something a bit lighter than the 3" though, so it could be a good time to try a 2.6 or something.

No :stuck_out_tongue:


I have one, I’ve PM’d you with the details.


Thanks Andy. Looks like Miark’s found one as well, so one way or the other I’m sorted. Cheers folks.


Bumping this thread just to say that I have temporarily become a source of this tyre in the UK, if you are interested see:


Miark should check our stock sheets… :wink:

We not only stock them, we import them and they came in about a week ago but with our move we are a bit behind on getting things up on the net.


Mine are cheaper. But I checked my inventory and I have very limited stock, so hurry!