Sorry, wrong info on velo saddle

I posted a few days ago a message that was sent to me by customer service saying that the Kris Holm velo saddle will be around 30 bucks. Well, he emailed me today and said that he said the wrong thing, and that they’ll be 48 dollars.

Sorry about that. :roll_eyes:


That is more in line with the UK price of 30 quid so makes sense.

For a day or so there I was looking forward to being able to afford two seats. Back to getting just the one I guess.

just go to and search kris holm

Cool, it’s in their catalog:
Expected to be availble on December 10.

And so are the new unis made by Norco.

anyone know what kind of tire that is on the trialz version?

Looks like an Onza. Treads not connected is my main clue.