Sorry people

Sorry. I was the first one to do a 540 unispin into the new year. I didn’t mean to. I couldn’t help myself :frowning:

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Why are you apologizing? Is that a bad thing?

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Apologizing is never a bad thing. I’m sorry.

i havent taken a shit since last year.

im sorry too.

Well as far as i know i was the first one to break an Uni in the year of 2005. It was about 12:19 I believe and it was a piroette gone wrong. If my accusations are incorrect please correct me.


i did a 2.45 second crutch still stand

As far as I know I was the last person to break a uni in 2004 :stuck_out_tongue:

i was the first person to not uni in 2005:D

Since I’m like ~7 hours ahead of you, i have to say that I was first, since i even sat on my uni, watching the fireworks when the clock reached twelve o’clock.

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no no, I meant: is it a bad thing to be the first to do a 540 unispin in the new year?

I was the first one this year to screw up a 180 unispin, land on my wrist, and have it turn purple and swell up. :smiley:

I snapped the seat base on my KH saddle today at about 3.30 PM GMT jumping down some steps in Leeds…'tis no longer a one horse race.

think it about it, keaton is not apologizing he is boasting but in a sly way:D

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Yes, yes… I understood what Keaton AND you said. I was kidding. Duh.

Sorry to hear about your wrist (and just for clarification – I’m not apologizing because your wrist is purple, I’m expressing empathy and concern). Purple is a great color, but not on a body part.


You don’t deverse to boast keaton, haha. I"ll be the first one to do a 720 in the year, ohhh burn. I’ll do it tomorrow though it’s late. haha. probably not, the weather is shit. oh well. laters

I get first coast!!:smiley: Also Seat drag and handride.

i want first to get wierd looks from drunk people, i took my uni downtown and EVERYONE made comments about it

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On Sat, 1 Jan 2005 15:51:58 -0600, “total uni” wrote:

>i was the first person to not uni in 2005:D

I think someone in New Zealand grabbed that ‘first’ before you.

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

Today (2 January) is the first day this year that is not the first day this year.

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I would have been first not to unicycle in 2005 except I blew my chances by unicycling.