sorry but... i need help with crankflips

i know this is dumb but when i searched i couldnt get the right amount of help. heres my first issue ive been practicing them for like a month now and still havent landed one. it also feels like im not progresing. has anyone had this problem? also my front foot never lands on the pedal but my back foot lands perfectly every time! so all im asking is maybe for a little motivation. also anyone know how to fix my problem. ohh yah i can foot plant crankflip.

If you’re front foot lands on the ground every time, you are likely not committing to the trick. Make sure you are jumping up after doing the flip and not just placing your foot on the ground. I’d suggest lowering your seat as much as possible (just for the first few you land), and force yourself to land on the uni. You just have to go for it.

If you could post a video of some attempts, I’d probably be able to help out more.

Just keep at it and “tell” yourself to bring your front foot in or to keep it forward.
If you keep landing your back foot your almost there. Good luck

You can foot plant crankflip? I still cant do that, I can crankflip a 5set, hick and 180flip but I never learnt foot plant crankflip :frowning: I might go try it now.

dude theyre super easy, lol

Lean forward right as you do the flip. Not too much, but youll find the point. This will keep you above the uni and then you jsut need to plant your feet on the pedals.

Your already really close, now you need to commit to it. You wont get hurt if you land it.