Soreness near knee

I’ve been riding around a local pond regularly. Part of the ride has a gentle 50 yard uphill. Three weeks ago, I pushed myself to ride a longer distance that included the uphill.

Well, as soon as I finished the ride, I knew I did something to my right knee. (I had ridden up the hill pushing hardest with the right leg.) While walking toward my car I noticed that might right foot was poiting outward!

Well, I stretched and that helped bring things into alignment.

But the next day a problem developed that has persisted for three weeks. There is some tenderness on the inside of the right leg, just below the knee cap. Over the past weeks I’ve ridden, jogged, always careful to strech (ham string and quads) before and after. I don’t seem limited, but later that day or the the next day, that muscle aches. And I can’t fully bend the right knee.

So here’s the problem: I can still ride, walk, jog, with the knee. It is just it isn’t getting better, and I’m concerned that I might ultimately do some damage if I don’t do the right thinks now.

Well, I did see a orthopedic physician assistant last week. She felt I had done something to my hamstring. I guess the strain is where it attaches under the knee joint. I’ve got an appointment this Monday to see a physical therapist for a work up, and I supposed, some PT.

OK, so this is a quiz: what will his diagnosis be? What will he have me do, and what will be the out come? WIll I have to stop riding for a while?

More information: I’m 54. I learned to ride in college, and after 30 years, took it up again this past summer. BTW, I was riding a KH24" with 170 mm cranks when I strained the knee. I’ve since changed to 140 mm. I think the over-long cranks contributed to the stress. (I’m 5’9" with 29" inseam). The 140’s feel good.

BTW I’ve read some of the other knee/joint threads. Very helpful.


I’m not sure about my own knee problems, but I suspect they may be akin to yours.

I hurt my knee by either trying to compress a bouncy castle while rolling it up (putting weight on knees) or by too agressively stamping on the right pedal while learning to figure of eight (I seem to be able to lean into the left, but need to scrunch the right turns).

I tried continuing to ride to loosen it up but that didn’t work, so I tried rest - ditto. So after about 6 weeks I went to the doc who said I had fluid on the knee and had POSSIBLY torn a cartiledge. He said it would probably get better on its own in about another 6 weeks. Still waiting. I can’t squat down and I get pain under the inside front of my knee cap from time to time.

He recommended not unicycling but using weights so my quads didn’t waste due to favouring the other leg.

I’m just about at the stage where I’m going to get back on the uni through sheer frustration.

I’m 45 and am riding a cheap no-name 20" uni.

Good luck with yours!

hamstring after all

Well, I saw the PT and the diagnosis is a stressed hamstring tendon. The stress is as the point where the hamstring attaches just under the knee joint.

I need to do daily exercises, and the PT said that it will take a month or so to heal. The great news is that I can still jog & ride on the level while it’s getting better.

Here’s one thing I learned: the hamstring helps rotate the hip joint (not the knee joint). The hamstring is used in the downward power stroke. Now I can understand how I stressed the hamstring going up a hill.

The other thing I learned is that it is a good sign that the pain occurs after exercise and goes away after a day.

The bottom line is that I’ll do the conditioning exercises.

But I also plan to keep them up indefinitely. When I started riding this summer, I thought unicycling would get my legs into shape. But in hindsiight, I can see that a conditioning program that accompanies riding is a good idea for this reformed couch potato.


im on my school’s cross country team, and i’ve noticed that uni’ing can be a good warm up/cool down IF NOT OVERDONE, because it gets the knees ready w/out any pounding. after you pass the 1 mile mark, tho, it starts to hurt more than help(if your gonna run/play sport/do NEthing athletic afterwards)