Soprano mount video clip

Okay, the proof is in the pudding…and in my case, it’s lots of pudding. Ben recorded a video clip in the driveway this morning of my newly learned soprano mount.

“Totally Awsome!”

The new “King of Anti Grav” is in the house.

Very impressed… Mojoe

Re: Soprano mount video clip


Very impressive!


Oh Oh Bruce…it’s not official. Your hand is still on the seat after your feet left the ground :astonished:

bruce.bmp (225 KB)

Brian, you are correct. I hadn’t perused the rules, I was just impressed that I was able to get that far off the ground without assistance.

Here’s the definition of a Jump Mount: “Mounting the uni from standing behind it, by jumping on it, landing on both pedals simultaneously.” The Free Jump Mount adds this, “The rider lets go of the uni before his or her feet leave the floor.”

Also, if you listen to the sound, you’ll also hear that my feet did not quite hit the pedals simultaneously. So the mount is not an official jump mount. I did do the jump mount to seat out front Thursday night, rode away and recovered the seat, but the seat was touching the body so that’s not official either.

I guess I have plenty to work on.


Just playing around. Good job. ‘simultaneously’ is very forgiving, apparently. as long as your cranks don’t start to pedal, your feet don’t have to hit at the exact same second…I think.

See, it’s not so hard, is it?


Land that mount, Big Boy. THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKIN’ ABOUT!!! Looks like you’re sneaking up on Ben and Brad.

What, the jumping or the landing? :slight_smile:

The getting your feet to leave the ground after a flurry of knee bends part

I know you were just funnin’. But your points are valid. With a good judging panel, the move probably would’ve suffered devaluations in the score in a Standard Skills routine for a Free Jump Mount (a.k.a. suicide mount).

As far as simultaneously is concerned, I’ve seen the judges be somewhat forgiving, just as you said, as long as there is no rotation of the wheel. Mine was probably close enough to pass for simultaneously.

If you watch Ben’s jump mount on his Coker (, you’ll notice that he brings the seat up with him. So it’s not a Free Jump Mount, but it is a Jump Mount by definition, although you can also hear a slight clop,clop as his feet hit the pedals ALMOST simultaneously. Last April at Regionals in Minneapolis, Ben did the same jump mount (as seen in the Coker clip, bringing his seat up with him) on his 20" during his Standard Skills routine. The judges (including Dad) had to stop a moment, evaluate the definition of Jump Mount, and finally granted him the mount. He did the same mount in his Standard Skills routines at NAUCC/UNICON and was also granted the mount.


all these rules hurt my brain…

Nice mount, Bruce! I see that you’ve inherited some of your kids’ skill…

Hey Sofa, what did you use for the capture?- my device stoped working some time back, and I’d like to replace it with something than can pull more than AVI’s.

I started to do a frame-by-frame with an eye tword the thumb-on-sadle before the feet-off-ground when I became intranced with Bruce’s form- that spring looks just great in slow-mo. I once saw gazell or antilope or something vaulting fences in central Oregon- they looked just like Bruce.

Way to go, Bruce- you didn’t wimp out and use a little 20"! Let’s see the Coker next!


Bruce you are an inspiration!

Thanks for the video.

Steve Howard

Mary says it was probably a buffalo.

I use Adobe Premiere 6.0 for all my video editing needs. It’s quite pricey, but it’s an extremely powerful application

I wouldn’t know off hand, of course, but something tells me it may be on, and I wouldn’t recommend that.

My camera puts out *.mov files. Can anyone recommend a Windows application to work with them? Virtual Dub apparently doesn’t deal with them.