soon to be Freeriding!

Ok, its on the way, a Freeride Fusion, from Darren, black and hunter green to go spanky sweet with my dark purple powder coated 29’er frame! Ah, gonna be a comfy ride. And then just wait until the, currently in transit, K7 handle arrives! I just have to figure out how to treat that blue finish, it just so isn’t going to work with the hunter green/purple…sigh…uni fashion is such a lot of work…:wink:

Last time I checked, you could get KH Fusion seats at Cambie cycles.
Hope we see you at a ride sometime. You can show us how colour coordinated you are :slight_smile:

Ah, to see my fine taste in uni fashion you will have to come for some distance rides. Trials is so four-years-ago! :wink: