Someone playing Beat Saber (a virtual reality game) idling on a unicycle

Well, that’s something.

KDA Akali Cosplay while playing the KDA LoL song expert + on beat saber on a unicycle

I can’t even do something that’s virtual reality standing up, because I get dizzy… how on earth do you do it idling? Interesting.

Like motion sickness or something else?

I’m not really prone to motion sickness. It’s more the fact that the virtual world isn’t always aligned with the real world, and so you try to get upright (virtually) and end up on your face (in reality).

If anyone can ride a unicycle while being on a VR roller coaster on an Oculus, send me a video and I’ll give you a hi-ho, cause that would take some serious… insanity? I’m not sure :smile: Even standing up during one of those virtual rides would be pretty impressive.

I know what you mean. While having absolutely no problem being on a ship on the highest waves or taking the bus on alpine roads, VR makes me sick really fast.
Once i tried it for 5 minutes and had still collywobbles half an hour after.

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Lol That should be in the Idling is hard thread. She cuts that impression just in half :smiley:

Mostly I think idling is not worth learning, but in this case I think is a perfect thing to be able to do. I like playing computer games and just sit on my chair and I need to set aside other time for unicycling. If I could combine it. Though with a keyboard in one hand and the mouse in the other is another challenge.

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That said, when i was around 15 or so (that was, when there were still cruise ships with three-digit passenger numbers) I had a little show on a cruise ship and that evening were the highest waves of the whole cruise. After this, people came to me admiring that i was still able to idle in the beat of the music while the ship was tilting and rolling in totally different rhythm. Despite it was challenging, it was quite fun.