Some videos by me

Its Sunday afternoon, and I have a headache and a sore throat. So what better to do than post the links to my first two videos.

Me, myself, I and some others:
A quick video I made of all the clips I had on my computer. I like this.

A small vid showcasing the University of Canterbury’s Unicycle Club, Unisoc.

See what you think.

cool videos. I only watched the first one, but it was really neat and lead to this part of a conversation I was having;

I used to be able to do them on my trampoline, but now I’m older and scared.

still really cool to watch all of you.

that was a nice vid! i wish i could do a backflip but i can only do frontflips and most of the time i dont have the guts to do it. keep up the nice riding!

Thanks guys

those are cool videos, I like the music in the first one.

The song name is wrong. It is actually ‘Hangman’ by Motion City Soundtrack, Commit this to memory is the name of the album.

cool videos

cool vids…i wish i could do flips like that…i must learn…hehe…


p.s did you win or loose in the wrestling scene : which one is you:p

looks like a lot of fun. i would love to do crazy stuff into one of those foam pits

Cool video, bad music.

You’ll never please everyone.

I reckon the first one has more flips than Shuan J. can throw a stick at. I should have made it a callout video. lol

Heres another:

The vid of Pete VB’s flying visit to CHCH, comprised of limited footage. I haven’t done much in the way of editing, it’s more just a whole lot of clips thrown together and a soundtrack laid down that has the same length.

But watch out, it might not be much but it’s Pete so you know it’s still got to be something. So keep an eye out for the ten stair grind.

Thanks to Matt O’Sullivan for his film work.
Sound Track by Millencolin.