Some Trial Begginer Questions!

I start learning some trial stuff in a couple of days , and I have some questions during this learning time .
1-Put the balls of my feet on the pedals give me more control or is better put the middle of the feet?

2- I have a consistent side hop seat in in about 30 cm ( with pre hop) Ican do it in a static side hop seat in front but my land is a bit out of control , how can I get my fall more controlled?

3-There is any tecnique to increase the high of the side hops?and to do good SIF side hops?The seat post high influence? when i do SIF Side Hops i get a bit curved , is normal? or i have to be straight?

4- today i did about 20 seconds in a stand still ( I´m so happy haha:D) so automatically my skinnyes get better , but when I Tried a hop skinny to skinny , my skinny slid on the floor , any tips to build a good skinny who stays on the floor?:stuck_out_tongue:

5-Side hops seat in and seat in front , Gaps SI and SIF ,Skinny , stand still , pedal/crank grab ,there is more trials tecniques you can tell me ?

6- whats exatcly is “going to rubber”? :stuck_out_tongue: stupid question ok
and finally where all of you get pallets ? I just see it on the supermarket , maybe They can give to me on the chirstmas lol and wnat to built a trial line to start to mix the tecniques haha :smiley:
Thanks for all the help
Erik M.

:astonished: that’s no beginner trick!!! O__O

I don’t ride much trials, but:

1: Balls of feet is a lot better than the middle of your foot.
6: Going to rubber is going from a pedal/crank grab up to your (rubber) tire.

I thought it was jumping straight up something without a crank/pedal grab, ie you ‘pedal grab’ or ‘to rubber’. I might be wrong though, I don’t really ride trials either

You’re right, I think I’ve heard it both ways, like “pedal grab to rubber” or just “to rubber” without a pedal grab.

“Going to rubber” means jumping straight onto the tyre (in other words not a pedal or crank grab) for sidehops or gaps.

Definitely stand on the balls of your feet, or even further forward (Max Schulze almost stands on his toes :p). This will give you more leverage, so you can jump higher, but you might find it uncomfortable before your feet get stronger and used to the stress of trials. You might like to move the pedals to the middle or ball of your foot when doing drops, because this is more comfortable and less painful on your feet.

I have got a lot of pallets from industrial places or hardwares. They usually have a few spare lying around.

Looks like you have most of the trials techniques in there, so good luck with your practice and I look forward to a video maybe :slight_smile:

haha man was a stroke of luck, my normal stand still is about 13 seconds hahaha

Thanks for you Julia and Tim , I Understand the meaning of “rubber” haha
thats is a bit difficult , sometimes I can go to rubber to a skinny :slight_smile: Thanks guys!

Thanks for the answers , I asked the feet position because of the drops , i almost twisted my feet muscle in a drop putting the balls of my feet on the pedals :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah i really want some pallets , one day I will ask on the market for some :slight_smile:
For now no videos haha , I´m just learning , I will save people to ultra newbie videos hahaha but thanks for the motivation with hard praticte in soon i will record a good video :smiley:

*** If anyone could help me With the questions numbers 2 and 3 , I will aprecciate :smiley: