some santa cruz muni pics

Hi all,
Jason and I did some riding last weekend. here are the pics:

This mainly is “Dead Campers” trail off of Highway 9. Lots of fun!

Down below are pictures of my treehouse from last weekend.


Hey, Corbin–

That’s some stunning looking terrain up there in Santa Cruz. Hope to get up there some day soon for a ride and to check in with Nathan (lets go rock climbing as well), Meguni and Beau.


Hey John,
I’ve got a mailing list for Santa Cruz / Bay area rides:

I’m not sure if you are on it or not, but feel free to sign up and email the list if you ever want to come up here. I generally drop an email out to the list 3-4 days before I go ride (which is usually every weekend), and I encourage others to do the same.

I was thinking about coming down to Santa Barbara and doing some of those cool rides down there. How often do you guys ride? Would you all care if I come along some day?

I also wouldnt’ mind checking out climbing down there. three + years ago i bought “how to rock climb” (guess who it is by), and i’ve been addicted ever since. muni is the only other thing that has distracted me from climbing.


Beautiful scenery, and great shots!

nice riding. That looks like an absolutly beautiful place to ride. Also very nice tree house. It’s fully furnished by the looks of it:D

Looks great, and I really love the tree house.


Head on down, Corbin. The weather’s perfect. We’ll find a place for you to stay so you can return with absolutely torched quads.


cool; i just joined the sbmuni mailing list. i’ll keep my eyes open for the next ride and try to make it down.


Rockin tree house! whats the story with it? do you live in it? When I buy a house in the future im going to look for one with a huge tree to build something like that. please tell more.


Yes, I agree. The Muni pictures are nice, but where do we find out more about this tree house?

Well, I’m glad you all like my treehouse!

I’ve always had the link in my sig:

I have a “picture building process” and some info on the site.

It’s in Santa Cruz, CA. I lived in it for about 5 years, until I moved to Los Gatos about 6 months ago. Right now, no one is living in it.

It has full electricty and plumbing.

I’ll give tours to anyone who is in the area and wants to go see it.


Great Pictures Corbin - I really miss the smell of Redwoods!

I want to see your treehouse sometime! Wicked cool. Also, I didn’t know that you fly planes.