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Hey evrybody, it’s been so long since I’ve been here or posted in fact I have never posted with my new name (I once was nu_uni, but decided this name was funnier). I have so much to say. Firstly In my German class we were watching a video about the Berlin Wall and in it there were about 10 unicyclists on giraffs in descending order of size. I’ve been working on hand wheel walk for about a week now and am only getting a revolution and a half as my best, does anybody have any tips for this (I’m learning to ride it sideways not like stomch on seat). I got a new uni from bedford about three weeks ago it’s got welgo pedals, Alex Dx32 rim, luna tires, kh saddle. It’s so awesome, thanks Darren. I got my friend ino riding too and in 1 hour he could do 5 revolutions, but he hurt his ankle so he won’t get to practise for a while. I’m also teaching my brother he’s really good he could go really far as soon as he learns to control his forward leen. Do’s anybody have any suggestions for conquering mentablocks? and that’s all folks!


As for suggestions, I’d start with not posting using someone else’s name…


I know a phil sir and you are not him!!! :wink:

suggestions for conquering mental blocks

  1. ingore them and keep practising
  2. patience
  3. don’t add to them by dwelling on what you can’t do
  4. don’t compare yourself to others who are more skilled (be inspired by them instead)

To be fair, i don’t think that was the intention.

I think the name plays on ‘The Home of Trials Uni’
Becomes, The Holm…
Then perhaps goes a step too far.
Clever, quite amusing, but perhaps a bit naughty.

I’ve always assumed ‘Holm’ was pronounced phonetically, with a short ‘o’, anyway.

Be that as it may, I don’t think we should worry too much, but I do think Logan should consider not using a name that could easily be misinterpreted and cause unnecessary upset.

But lets not get too earnest. Wow! 10 giraffes, you say? When was this filmed. Why giraffes near the Berlin wall? Was this the most desperate escape to freedom of all? Tell us more.

FIrstly about the name your all way off it’s suposed to be a bad joke. Instead of saying Kh is he Wayne gretzgy of Trials unicycling I said KH of trials Uni because he does trials. Do you undertand, I’m not being rude I’m saying a stupid joke that nobody ut myself uderstads, I’d fgure you all of ll peple would understand, because us unicyclists are the craziest of people and say the worst jokes. :frowning: SHAME, SHAME ON YOU ALL:( THanks for the support zod and sort of Mikeful. THanks Dave. Nobody has any tips on hand heel walking comon guys and girls.

so does that mean i can be the tiger woods of hockey?

I’ve noticed that people of different natonalities have very different ideas of humour and the meaning of jokes; if Logan says he’s joking then lets just accept it.

I’m sure this whole thing is based on a misunderstanding and there’s no need to make a big deal out of it.

doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun with it tho


Actually that would make you the Tiger Woods of Golf.:smiley: