Some questions from a newbie

Hi, I’m bay.

I’ve had my 24" Torker LX for about three weeks. The first two weeks were kind of a waste. My friend (who is also learning) and I were not very educated on how to ride. We spent hours attempting to freemount and pedal. The thing was, we never learned to pedal and stay on like that. I’m coming to the conclusion that we can freemount, and we just have no idea how to pedal. The most we make is about 3-4 rotations and then we fall.

I am spending four days at my mom’s office to help her with some work and earn an extra 100 bucks. She has a big warehouse in back, and it’s great for uni practice. I currently have my uni down in a 30 foot hallway which has shelving on one side I am using for balance. I continue to switch directions, because I am coming dependant on my support. I haven’t counted, but it’s probably a minimum of 10 grabs to the wall. When I do get going, I weave and wobble all over the place. Is that normal? How should I fix it?

I keep in mind the fact that I’m ‘catching’ myself with each new pedal, just like you do when you walk.
I also tried to get a dolly and push it infront of me while I pedaled, but I was even more out of control, and the dolly was a little short.

Do you think what I am doing is good? I continue to try to keep my momentum up and decrease my touches to the shelf.

I’ll appreciate advice, and a cookie to anyone who read the entire thing. Danke.

once you get better at riding down the hallway, I’d try to ride away from a fence or something like that.

It sounds like you’ve got a good strategy going there, keep it up and you should be riding without support in no time. Also, remember the legendary commandment given to us by the sacred unigod himself: Keep all thy weight on the seat!

Where’s my cookie? :slight_smile:

just practice…

You are it already silly!

Thanks, my goal is to be able to do the run without hands at the end of Thursday. I’ll keep you updated.

setting goals realy really helps.

yeah, the wobbling is totally normal. don’t worry, you’ll straighten out as you get better. along with keeping all the weight on the seat, make sure your seat’s high enough. it doesn’t need to be so high that you can barely touch the pedals, but it needs to be high enough so when your leg is in the 6:00 position, it’s close to straight. if it’s too short you’ll never learn to ride.

Actually, yes, I just raised it yesterday. I noticed I was having trouble getting going if my leg was super bent at the bottom.

you also might want to drop the psi on your tire because it makes it less manuverable and helps you go straighter. and if you can meet up with other riders in person that might help because somtimes its hard to explain whats wrong oh and some advice is hold on to a wall to mount and just peadle like you are on a bike go fast but mot to fast hope this helps :slight_smile:

I pretend I’m on a bike. I put my arms out and lean forward like there is a handle bar. It’s getting easier!
Thanks everyone. Support helps as well!


when i first started across the tennis court (synthetic with sand) i’d do about 5m, fall off, then look back and there would be a really squiggly line of my tyre, i could not go straight at all for the first few days.