Some Portland Biker got passed by one of us, methinks :-D

I think a biker in Oregon got passed and pulled by one of you guys… I don’t really remember where people are from in a form able to be queried by location, so… do we have any fast Oregon coker riders who could be responsible for this awesome post? :smiley: :slight_smile:

that is really cool i live near portland but dont have a coker so i dont know
but it is a great story.
:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :smiley: :roll_eyes: :sunglasses: :astonished: :wink:

Purple Haze?

I’m quite sure this has been posted already, Chuck. Not sure what the topic was called though.

That’s impressive that the unicyclist was able to keep in front for 8 miles.

I know him, Wasn’t me but it was a guy I know. He’s boisei here on the forums, he runs lots of super marathons and such and is a super awesome coker rider. One of the guys that did the century ride from portland to the beach during reach the beach. I can keep in front for about 8 blocks but I would have to work hard at it, Zeke makes it look easy…


My Uncle rides a coker and lives in Portland, Oregon.
I’ll have to ask him.

This was posted like a month ago in the “quote of the day from non-riders” thread.

Thanks for reminding me though.

Somewhat related is a blog that mentioned me on the mount evans climb

Cool blurb.
You humbled many people that day!

Heh, yeah, that’s me. I actually just posted the same thing in Kris’ thread about unicycle commuting.

For the record, that was 8 blocks that he drafted me, not 8 miles.


sweet, well, glad to find out. good jorb boisei :slight_smile: Sorry about the dupe post though!

Yeah the guy wearing all purple for the “Reach the Beach”. Remember, everyone?

That is so cool! I’ll occasionally find references to “some unicycle guy” on our local and regional mountain *ike forums that usually is me as there is nobody around here (that I know of) that unicycles offroad. Still quite fun to sneak up on some of the novice mountain bikers around here and pass them! They pull over, or sometimes stop, and you should see the look on their faces when the realize that it’s not another mountain *ike passing them!