Some pictures from North Bend Uni Meet

First of all, that uni meet was the most fun I’ve ever had not counting California Adventure and quad riding. Anyway, I met Greg Harper, John Childs, Jonathan Miersma (jsm), and Steve DeK there and they were of course like the nicest people on the planet. I even sort-of learned how to hop on the wheel and am really getting the hang of 1 ft backwards and SIF backwards. And as you can see in the pics below, I tried a Coker and it was sooo cool!!! Man, you just pedaled and flew! I even had a dream about it last night! That is DEFINITELY going to be my next X-mas present! Now what you’ve all been waiting for (bombadadam)…the pictures: (NOTE: my butt looks HUGE in that close-up coker pic, but that’s just because my pants are pushed up by the seat; I’m not a fatty…)

Good to meet you Tyler. Glad you got to ride the Coker, you took right to it. Do you have more that you can put in a gallery?

I only took two pics. For the rest I gave the camera to my kids and they took a bunch. I’ll sort them an upload them tomorrow.

Fun meet. They were expecting maybe 60 riders and over 150 registered!

I do have some more pics but they’re on my laptop, so I’ll get them onto my desktop PC and upload them ASAP. It twas a great time! The hotdogs and gumbo were awsome, too. And another little achievement of mine, I officially passed level 4 and below and there is one skill in level 5 I don’t know which is 1 footed with the left foot. If I knew that, I could pass level 5 also. I’m definitely going to work on that and hopefully make it down to practice with them after school sometime so I can test for level 5.

Ok, I got a gallery up with all the photos from the meet:

haha thats awsome how jsm freestyles in big clunky hiking boots, makes him even more awesome.


So glad that the meet was fun for you. It is nice to hear it.
We had a wonderful day. Steve is right, we had more then twice the fun we were expecting. Some thoughts are having it twice a year. Once with the Gumbo and hot dog dinner and once without.
At one point we had wall to wall riders.
Everyone keep in touch!

I’d go twice a year without a doubt, and I wouldn’t mind the gumbo and hot dogs twice a year, also!!! :smiley: Barb, I know this sounds kind of rude but, who are you? Are you an organizer or something? Hope to see you at the next one!! :slight_smile:


I am the unoffical the team manager for the Panther Pride Unicycle Team. I was one of the many organizers for the Gumbo dinner. I did the paper work for the workshop, as well as answering phone messages and email messages, either from unicyclenews(at)aol or from Mr. Tepper’s school email address.
I was the red-headed “mom” at the registration table and at the gumbo ticket sales table.
I have helped organize two national, and one international event and attended 7 national events.
No, I do not ride.
One of my daughters, Megan worked the workshop and the other one, Kristin took pictures.
mmm, other points of interest, Dustin Kelm, Jack Hughes, Jesse Berg and Andy Cotter have all been guests at my house.
I have had the German unicycle hockey team in my hot tub.

My pics are in: These are mostly outside pics of the trials area.

I took only the two group pics. The rest were taken by an 11yo and an 8yo.

Sara C. also has a gallery at .

those are pretty good shots steve. i like the one with something flying past the head of john while your taking the picture. there were several of me on the big trials setup too. it was a lot of fun and i hope theres something next year

Heh. Theres a lot of me standing around (In Steve’s pics). Only one of me actually unicycling. (white shirt, khaki pants). Oh well. Was really fun. Looking forward to next year.

Actually, that’s John immediately after having G3orge’s beard (2nd best at Moab) ripped off his face.