Some difficulty in change

I got my new wheel from the UDC people at the BJC. I love the way that it looks and that I don’t have to worry about the cranks falling off. However I was told that I was riding to low, so I got the hight adjusted. However now its like I don’t know anything. Has anybody else had this kind of experience?

yeah it will feel strange when you change the hieght of your seat, but you will get used to it.
what uni have you got???

[QUOTE=tistom However now its like I don’t know anything.QUOTE]

Has this effected your ridding or trivial pursuite sucess? :thinking:

I have a nimbus II seat rim and frame with a 20’’ wall tyre. I would post a pic but its a bit late at the moment.
I was able to ride some way maby 300m but now I can’t get that far. I might have to put the seat down a bit.

If you are still learning, then learn however is right for you, and then adjust to what is more efficient/suits your riding later on when you have the ability to change how you’re riding without affecting your ability.

As Jamessd says, go with what helps you at the moment. As a learner, I found that a few mm of seat adjustment or a couple of degrees of seat alignment played havoc with my progress. The more proficient you get, the more you’ll be able to compensate for your bodies intolerances of what it thinks is right or wrong. In the long run though, you’ll want to get used to a higher seat to take the pressure off of your knees.